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25 Random Things About You

I’m sure most readers have seen the lists by now. A Facebook friend tags you, asking you to write 25 random things about yourself; you post it to your profile in a “note” and it shows up in your friends’ news feed. You can also tag up to 25 of your friends, asking them to write their own list of 25 things.

I’m sure I’m not alone is finding it remarkable, how many friends have taken the bait, revealing funny, surprising, and often poignant facts about themselves for their friends’ perusal. It’s also pretty wonderful for me personally, especially when those Facebook friends are venture capitalists with whom I’m friendly, but know strictly professionally.

As corny as it may sound, I’m really enjoying the opportunity to learn more about some of you through these lists, which I frankly think bold to publish. (I’ve been dragging my own feet out of self-consciousness.)

I love learning about who was in Outward Bound, and who once sold fruit cups to get out of debt, who hates public speaking, and who thinks people’s feet look like mushrooms. It’s been great to learn about how some of you have proposed to your spouses and where, and I’m so impressed that not one investor I know has used the list to talk about their work! Yay.

In another month, another newly published list might be one too many. (Facebook says that over the last week, the number of daily “notes” being created has more than doubled, and that the number of daily “tags” of Facebook members in a note have grown more than fivefold.) For now, though, these illuminating lists are a refreshing reminder of why we have friends — and Facebook “friends” — in the first place. I hope everyone keeps them coming.