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60,000 and… Goodbye?

(Warning: What follows is the most self-absorbed post I’ve ever written. And that’s saying something)

In September 2002, a friend suggested we all take a day off work in order to go ride roller coasters at Six Flags. The conversation went like this:

Me: “We can’t leave until 10am.”
Friend: “Why not?
Me: “Because I just started an email publication, and readers expect it each morning.”
Friend: “How many readers?”
Me: “About 300.”
Friend: “Wow, that’s a lot. Ok, we’ll leave at 10.”

Well, now there are 60,000 email readers. It’s quite humbling, and makes the following quite difficult to write: I’ve decided to leave Thomson Reuters. My final peHUB Wire – and last posts on this website – will be a week from this Thursday.

My reasons are myriad. Some are brilliant. Some are moronic. Some are noble. Some are selfish.

In short: I love what I do. But I also yearned for a change of scenery (figuratively, since I’ll be working out of the same home office — staring out at the same apple tree).

That yearning has led me to, where I’ve agreed to write a daily email newsletter and launch a new blog. As you can tell, I’m a man of limited talents…

You, dear readers, have been the best part of my workdays for the past eight years. Let’s stay in touch after next Thursday…