7th Annual Internship Rodeo: A Call for Positions

It’s that time of year, when MBA candidates’ thoughts turn to flights of summer internships. So let’s help them out, through our 7th Annual Internship Rodeo.

Today I am asking firms to contact me via email if you’re looking for a summer intern from the current crop of first-year MBA candidates. All types of firms need apply — VC, LBO, Growth Equity, I-banks, Mezzanine, Consulting, Funds-of-Funds, LPs, etc. Same diversity goes for geography.

In your emails, please include your firm name, job location and type of business (i.e., VC/LBO/etc.). You also may include any additional information you would like posted, including a contact email address for applicants. If you would prefer me to create an email account for you, just let me know.

Your firm name will be disclosed, unless you specifically request it to be kept anonymous (which about 30% of firms requested last year). Once compiled, the listings will be posted in the peHUB MBA Forum, an online message-board for MBA candidates. It currently has over 2,000 members, and that’s sure to grow once word of the Rodeo gets around.

So please get me your information as soon as possible. We have placed over 450 summer interns via this program, and many have gone on to fulltime employment at their internship site following graduation. So, again, please get those emails of interest to me so that we can post the internship listings ASAP.

There is no charge for this service.

*** If you are a current MBA candidate, PLEASE DO NOT email me your CV or other info about how wonderful and deserving you are. Once we actually launch the Rodeo next week, I’ll be sure to let you know what to do.