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A list of SoftBank Vision Fund investments

Since it was formed in 2017, SoftBank Vision Fund has seen its portfolio not just expand at a rapid clip but become more complex and more interesting.

VCJ calculates Vision Fund has now made at least 65 investments across the Americas, Asia and, to a lesser extent, Europe. And it has eaten up a sizable portion of its $98.6 billion fund. To that point, in a recent interview on CNBC, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son said about $70 billion has been invested to date.

The majority of the investments up to now have been made in the Americas, where Vision Fund’s website lists 36 Americas-based companies. Asia has 15 portfolio companies listed, and Europe has three.

The website breakdown does not include some of the fund’s most recent investments, so it will likely change slightly in the weeks or months to come.

What’s particularly notable is the fund’s strong focus on transportation. At least 15 companies target this sector, according to the site. The fund also is strong in consumer, with at least nine companies, in health tech, with at least seven, and in real estate, with at least six.

Fintech has at least five companies and general enterprise has six more. A final sector listed on the site, frontier tech, lists Nvidia, ARM and four others.

VCJ was able to track down 65 investments using press releases, news stories and other sources. (It has included a list of them with this story in the attached chart.) All appear backed by Vision Fund, and range from massive in scale, such as Uber’s, to relatively modest, given the fund’s size. Several of those not listed on the website took place in 2019.

With SoftBank talking about raising a second vision fund, expect this portfolio to expand.

To download the full version of the spreadsheet below, click here: Running tab of SoftBank’s Vision Fund investments (as of Q1 2019)

Top 10 SoftBank Vision Fund investments

Company Date Round or investment ($M) Company focus Listed on SVF website
Uber 2018 $9,250.00 Online transportation service y
ARM Holdings * 2016 $8,200.00 Semiconductor designer y
Didi Chuxing n/a $6,800.00 Online transportation service y
WeWork 2017 $4,400.00 Co-working space service y
Didi Chuxing * 2017 $4,000.00 Online transportation service y
Nvidia (Part of holdings sold) 2017 $4,000.00 GPU developer y
Alibaba Koubei 2018 $3,000.00 Ecommerce company y
ByteDance 2018 3,000 (est) Chinese entertainment app n
Flipkart (Sold) 2017 $2,500.00 Online retailer (sold to Walmart) n
GM Cruise 2018 $2,250.00 Autonomous vehicle technology y
Source: News stories, press releases, analyst reports, SoftBank Vision Fund website, and VCJ research.
* Denotes a deal that SoftBank is expected to transfer to Vision Fund.