Accurics raises $20m total funding

Accurics, a cloud cyber resilience company, has secured a total of $20 million in funding.

Accurics, a cloud cyber resilience company, has secured a total of $20 million in funding. Intel Capital led the Series A round while ClearSky led the seed round.


Pleasanton, Calif. – October 9, 2020 – Accurics, the cloud cyber resilience specialist that is enabling resilient, self-healing cloud native infrastructure, today announced $20 million across seed and series A financing raised in the past six months. With Intel Capital leading the Series A and ClearSky leading the seed, Accurics is delivering a powerful solution at a critical time, as cloud-native technologies fuel innovation and power today’s applications. The new investment will support Accurics’ market momentum and help the company continue to develop technology that self-heals cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle.

“We envision a world where organizations can innovate with confidence—and our mission is to fill the gap between benefit and threat by enabling cyber resilience as organizations embrace cloud native infrastructure,” said Accurics Co-founder & CEO Sachin Aggarwal. “We’re gratified by the level of support from investors and customers, and we pledge to continue developing solutions that meet this critical need.”

As more businesses embrace the cloud, cyber resilience becomes increasingly critical. The core security issue with cloud native infrastructure is that it’s programmatically built and provisioned using Infrastructure as Code; the manual approaches to security currently in place can’t keep pace with the high velocity of change. Accurics rises to the challenge with technology that programmatically detects and mitigates risks before infrastructure is provisioned (which dramatically reduces the attack surface from the beginning), monitors the infrastructure in runtime for changes by authorized or malicious users, and programmatically mitigates a variety of risks. Accurics self-heals cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle.

“As cloud breaches continue to increase in velocity and scale, it’s apparent that cloud security techniques must evolve to become programmatic, continuous, and comprehensive,” said Sunil Kurkure, Managing Director at Intel Capital. “Accurics provides these advantages by self-healing cloud infrastructure which is essential to cyber resilience and we are excited to participate in supporting the next phase of the company’s growth.”

In just six months, the company has seen tremendous industry interest in its innovative technology. Accurics champions the belief that protecting cloud native infrastructure requires mitigating risks in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) early in the development lifecycle and maintaining that posture in runtime by eliminating risks from changes. Risks must be identified by monitoring for policy violations, as well as by performing threat modeling to identify potential breach paths; and enabling “self-healing” to remediate and apply fixes.

“Cloud technologies in general have matured much faster than security architectures, and that gap represents a fundamental risk,” said Doug Cahill, Vice President & Group Director, Cybersecurity at Enterprise Strategy Group. “The Accurics approach promises to close that gap with the level of automation required to secure vigorous innovation.”

Patrick Heim, Partner & CISO, ClearSky said: “ClearSky Security Fund I invests in transformative security solutions. The Accurics approach clearly meets this objective in that it transforms cloud security from being mostly reactive into being proactive, continuous, and integrated into DevOps processes. We believe Accurics has the potential to drastically enhance existing expectations of cloud security.”

The funding follows important technology integrations with software development platform leader GitHub and DevOps platform provider CircleCI, among others.

Accurics Co-Founder & CTO Om Moolchandani will speak at HashiConf Digital, the online HashiCorp community conference, on Oct. 15 at 6 p.m. EDT in a talk titled “Shifting Threat Modeling to Left: Automated Threat Modeling Using Terraform.” Find more information at

The company will also host a webinar titled “The Future of Cloud Native Security is Self-Healing” on November 5th at 10am PST. Register to attend at

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About Accurics
At Accurics™, we envision a world where organizations can innovate in the cloud with confidence. Our mission is to enable cyber resilience through self-healing as organizations embrace cloud native infrastructure. The Accurics platform self-heals cloud native infrastructure by codifying security throughout the development lifecycle. It programmatically detects and resolves risks across Infrastructure as Code before infrastructure is provisioned, and maintains the secure posture in runtime by programmatically mitigating risks from changes. Accurics enables organizations of all sizes to achieve cloud cyber resilience through free cloud-based and open source tools such as Terrascan™.