Adderton Out at Amp’d

When I reported last month that Peter Adderton was still CEO of Amp’d Mobile, it was accurate. And it was also wrong. But now he’s out as CEO, which is both accurate and right.

Confused? Ok, please indulge an explanation.

My prior reporting came after multiple sources — including Adderton himself — asserted that he remained CEO, despite blog reports to the contrary. Amp’d also continued to list him as CEO on its website. It was fact.

The problem, however, is that Adderton was essentially king without a kingdom. He had basically removed himself from the Amp’d day-to-day by early May, with president Bill Stone — and a dysfunctional board — left running the show.

That (disingenuous) arrangement seems ended within the past 24 hours, as Amp’d confirmed to PaidContent that Adderton is no longer CEO. He also has been removed from the company’s online management rider. Not quite sure why chief operating officer Sue Swenson is still listed (she recently resigned), but that’s another question for another day…