Agrible closes $4.1 mln Series A

Agrible closed its Series A funding at $4.1 million as Flyover Capital joins previously announced backers Serra Ventures and Archer Daniels Midland. Agrible is an agricultural software startup based in Champaign, Illinois.

CHAMPAIGN, Ill., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Agrible, Inc., creators of Morning Farm Report and Find My Seed, announced the completion of its $4.1 million Series A round of funding, with Flyover Capital joining Serra Ventures and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) as primary investors.

Founded and grown at the University of Illinois Research Park, Agrible creates actionable predictive analytics tools that help growers and agricultural companies make the best decisions on their fields. The company’s flagship product, Morning Farm Report, delivers highly accurate data and forecasts on fieldwork logistics, yield predictions, rainfall, crop health, and more.

With the Series A round of funding closed, Agrible heads into the 2016 growing season with plans to expand Morning Farm Report features with the new Grower Bundle. The 2016 Grower Bundle introduces alerts for increased disease and insect pressure, nutrient availability forecasts and alerts, hourly forecasts on wind speed and direction, soil conditions, temperature inversions, and pollinator safety.
“We’re thrilled that Flyover and the other investors share our vision and see the value in what we are creating,” said Chris Harbourt, CEO of Agrible. “This funding lets us continue developing products, like Morning Farm Report and Find My Seed, that push the boundaries of what is possible with big data and agriculture.”

Flyover Capital, a Kansas City-based venture capital investment firm, closed out this round of funding. The firm focuses on technology companies in the Midwest, which resonated with Agrible’s belief that this type of data work should be done in the heart of agriculture, surrounded by growers.
“What Agrible is doing with Morning Farm Report is unlike anything we’ve seen in that industry,” said Keith Molzer, Flyover Capital General Partner. “We look forward to seeing what they can accomplish as they grow the team and the number of growers they help with their products.”

Agrible supplies actionable predictive analytics tools to growers all across the United States and provides global ag data and support in over 80 countries. We predict how weather will impact crops, agricultural operations, and economic decisions. We aim to simplify big data, to innovate within existing production methods and to be the leading voice of recommendations for our agricultural partners. Above all, we value the role of the farmer and work tirelessly to bring the most accurate, practical information to those who need it.

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