AITV taps CSQ’s Sica as special advisor for board

San Francisco-based AITV, an early-stage medium-growth venture firm, has named Jeff Sica as a special advisor for its board. Sica is the founder and CIO of Circle Squared Alternative Investments.


Morristown, NJ, January 29, 2015 – Circle Squared Alternative Investments (CSQ), a provider of certain outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) services specializing in alternative assets, today announced that Jeff Sica, founder and CIO of CSQ, has been appointed as a special advisor to the board of AITV, a San Francisco-based, early-stage and medium-growth venture capital firm.

Mr. Sica will now be part of a roster of what we believe to be are world-class subject matter specialists that AITV has assembled. In this capacity, he’ll provide the AITV investment team and, in some cases, the underlying portfolio companies, with strategic, financial, technological and commercial advice in an effort to help optimize returns for their investors. AITV developed this highly profiled and actively engaged network of collaborators ranging from fund managers and strategic investors to family offices and angel investors as a way to provide privileged access to a community of like-minded investors. CSQ’s specialization in alternative assets and their commitment to creating long-term wealth for accredited investors aligns closely to AITV’s approach to venture investing and their alignment with their limited partners.

“Joining the AITV Board as a special advisor is particularly exciting as we jointly believe that demand for comprehensive expertise in the venture capital investment space and support from our platform of practiced outsourced services will better position AITV to meet the growing financial needs of their portfolio companies and investors,” said Mr. Sica. “What makes Circle Squared’s strategy valuable is we’re focused on very specialized illiquid and liquid alternative investments, an asset class which many advisors and their clients are unfamiliar. We can offer a robust suite of what we believe are the best ideas in technology and venture capital and a way to access those ideas directly or through a vehicle.”

CSQ has developed a platform that offers what we believe to be the most comprehensive research on alternative strategies available, providing specialized access, education and oversight to this exciting class of investments. Circle Squared prides itself on making alternative market strategies and endowment model investing accessible to families and investors.

“AITV is thrilled to be working with Jeff and we look forward to developing customized strategies with him to help optimize returns for our investors,” said Bill M. Malloy III, General Partner at AITV. “Jeff’s extraordinary knowledge of various investing strategies follows perfectly in line with our approach to venture investing and help better meet the growing financial needs of our clients.”

Mr. Malloy III continued, “Whether that be commercialization in EMEA, revenue opportunities or exit pathways, AITV is constantly looking for ways to leverage our ecosystem, either through investments in the Fund, or through direct investment opportunities in technology companies.”

This last point underscores a growing trend among investors who are looking for ways to not only co-invest with other investors, but to gain special access to direct investment opportunities in emerging technology companies, access typically afforded to only highly connected investors and advisors with close ties to technology centers like Silicon Valley.

Founded in 2013, AITV was purpose-built to take advantage of two massive opportunities in venture capital: the significant growth in software and the changing investment model of venture capital. The Fund invests across early-stage and medium-growth software companies, around what it describes as the three distinct themes of Big Data, Pervasive Connectivity (Internet of Things), and Platforms & Marketplaces.

About Circle Squared Alternative Investments

Circle Squared Alternative Investments is a firm devoted to providing independent financial advisors with access to a range of innovative alternative investments previously available only to institutions and ultra-high net-worth investors. The suite of investment products will include real estate, private equity, private credit, natural resources, private placement offerings, entertainment and media. In addition, the firm’s team will serve as coaches and mentors to advisors, helping them to better understand and communicate to their clients the role and advantages of alternative investments in a portfolio. For more information about Circle Squared, visit

About AITV

Founded in 2013, AITV is a US-based venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, La Jolla and London. They invest in early-stage and medium-growth IT software companies that demonstrate tremendous opportunities for growth. With the sole purpose of altering the traditional approach to venture investing AITV is intentionally singular in their focus around IT software. The team applies a thriving engagement engine to their portfolio companies and they’ve developed a strategic ecosystem to ensure US and EMEA commercialization, revenue and exit pathways. For more information about AITV, visit