In brief: Utah’s Album Ventures rolls out $200m fourth fund

The venture firm, which invests in early-stage tech startups, beat its $100m target.

  • Earlier this year, the venture firm was targeting $100 million for Fund IV
  • Album Ventures’ founders are Diogo Myrrha, John Mayfield and Sid Krommenhoek
  • The venture firm was founded in 2014

Album Ventures, based in Lehi, Utah, has launched its fourth fund at $200 million, according to both Deseret News and an announcement on the venture firm’s website.

The investors include “35 founders from our early portfolio companies,” the firm said on its website.

The $200 million target has been upsized from earlier this year when the venture firm initially sought to raise $100 million for Fund IV, according to the then SEC filing.

Despite the firm’s skeletal team, the current fund is “a 10x jump from the firm’s first fund cycle less than a decade ago,” reported Deseret News.