AllegisCyber Capital appoints one as partner and promotes another to senior associate

AllegisCyber Capital, a cyber-focused venture firm, has named Michael Feiertag as partner and promoted Jennifer Scherbel to senior associate.

AllegisCyber Capital, a cyber-focused venture firm, has named Michael Feiertag as partner and promoted Jennifer Scherbel to senior associate. Feiertag was the founder and CEO of tCell, which was acquired by Rapid7 in 2017. And, prior to joining AllegisCyber Capital, Scherbel was director of alumni relations for Cougar Capital.


AllegisCyber Capital, a leading early-stage venture capital firm focused exclusively on cybersecurity and data science, recently named Michael Feiertag as Partner and promotes Jennifer Scherbel to Senior Associate.

AllegisCyber pioneered cybersecurity investing more than 20 years ago with the world’s first dedicated cyber-focused venture fund. As the first venture capital firm to focus exclusively on disruptive innovation in cybersecurity, AllegisCyber’s two decades of successful cybersecurity investments position AllegisCyber as a leader in the critical and rapidly expanding segment of the IT market. The AllegisCyber partners bring extensive operating experience, deep domain expertise, and a global network of partner and customer relationships, together with investment capital, to the entrepreneurial teams backed by the firm.

“As we continue to grow our portfolio of some of the most disruptive and innovative cybersecurity startups in the market, we are excited to announce a new Partner and Associate to the AllegisCyber team,” said Bob Ackerman, Founder & Managing Partner of AllegisCyber. “Michael brings a solid background of leadership and product management in cybersecurity to our investment team. He continues the AllegisCyber tradition of adding operational experience and domain expertise.”

“Jenn’s extensive background in due diligence and analysis adds considerable bench strength to our team while expanding our bandwidth to proactively support the growth of our portfolio companies,” added Ackerman.

Michael is a product and strategy expert with a background in networking, application security, and identity, focusing on secure infrastructure for modern IT. He was the founder and CEO of tCell, a leading web application security, acquired by Rapid7 in 2017. Before tCell, he led products at Okta from launch through market leadership in the Cloud Identity space. Earlier in his career, Michael led product teams at Blue Coat Systems as the company grew from less than $80M to more than $400M in annual revenue.

“I’ve been lucky in my operating career to participate in building incredible products and businesses. As a founder, I have seen the impact that the right investor can make in the success of an early startup,” said Michael Feierrtag, Partner of AllegisCyber. “AllegisCyber understands this, and I’m thrilled to join a team that’s committed to making a difference. Together we will support the next generation of entrepreneurs to build the businesses needed to solve our increasingly critical information security and privacy challenges.”

Jennifer has held a wide range of accountant positions and has contributed her investment and operational skills to the firm since 2019. Before AllegisCyber, she was Director of Alumni Relations for Cougar Capital, student-run venture capital and private equity fund at the Marriott School at Brigham Young University. Before Cougar Capital, she served as a Finance Effectiveness Management Consulting Senior Associate, Corporate Responsibility Fellow, and Audit Associate for PwC. Jennifer was awarded the Williams Entrepreneurship Award in 2019 and the Newell K. Whitney Award in 2010.

About AllegisCyber Capital
AllegisCyber Capital is passionate about identifying companies and entrepreneurs developing disruptive and innovative approaches to address the crucial issues in the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape. AllegisCyber uses an integrated investment platform and a game-changing strategic partnership with cybersecurity start-up studio DataTribe to give its entrepreneurs an unfair competitive advantage. DataTribe, a cybersecurity start-up foundry located in Maryland, focuses on launching start-ups based on cyber domain expertise outside the intelligence community and national laboratories. Representative portfolio companies of AllegisCyber include: CyberGRX, Deepfence, DeepSee, Dragos, NetAbstraction, SafeGuard Cyber, Shape Security, Signifyd, Synack, Source Defense, Panaseer, Prevailion, and vArmour.