Amadesa Raises $7.4M Series B

Amadesa, maker of website testing and analytics platform, has raised $7.4 million from Gemini Israel Funds and Carmel Ventures. The Series B money will help the company expand sales and marketing and continue development efforts.

Amadesa (, the first company to deliver a single platform
for website testing and relevancy targeting solutions to enhance
conversion rate optimization and engagement activity, announced today
that it has secured a Series B funding round of $7.4 million led by
Gemini Israel Funds and Carmel Ventures. Amadesa will use the funding to
aggressively expand sales and marketing efforts and further extend its
industry-leading enterprise solution suite.

Amadesa’s client list includes such diverse organizations as,
Progressive, Mary Kay, General Mills and the New England Journal of
Medicine. The company’s marketer-driven platform provides the ultimate
combination of functionality and usability that helps propel businesses
more efficiently and effectively without the burden on IT. Expert
professional services and robust analytics offer clients step-by-step
guidance for optimized resource management, implementation, strategic
planning and meaningful analysis, making it easy to understand website
visitors and maximize conversions and revenues.

“Since introducing the first fully integrated website conversion
optimization software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite, we’ve continued to be at
the forefront of offering the most innovative and powerful solutions to
online marketers who have aggressive business goals,” said Avi Kedmi,
Amadesa CEO.

Amadesa recently released InPlace to compliment its full suite of
optimization tools, expanding a marketing team’s ability to evaluate data
in real-time, within the live context of a website, and bridging the gap
between analysis and user experience. Earlier this year, Amadesa was
certified as Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standards
(DSS) compliant, which recognizes the vigorous measures the company has
taken to ensure the security of a website’s visitor information from the
landing page to final destination, including checkout pages and
registration flows.

About Amadesa
Amadesa is an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS)
solution with a fully integrated suite that includes testing, targeting
and automated content delivery. The Amadesa Customer Experience Suite(TM)
offers end-to-end testing and relevance targeting solutions to help
online businesses maximize revenues, enhance customer engagement, and
increase conversions. Ease of use and implementation are benchmarks of
our products, but we offer a wide range of on-demand professional
services options to fit individual needs and ensure success.