And the Winner of the Google/Motorola Naming Contest Is …

The people have spoken. After Google completes its $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility Solutions (make that “if”), the combined company shall be known as Googorola.

So say the 103 people who took our poll. (See chart below.)

Googorola garnered the most votes, with 34% of the total, followed by my personal favorite, Moogle, with 29%, GoogleMoto (18.4%) and Motoroogle (11%). The least popular names were Motoogle (4%), Google-ola (3%) and Goorola (1%).

We also received 32 write-in names, the most popular of which was Google, which was suggested by a dozen people who clearly didn’t get the joke.

My favorite write-in suggestions were Googola, Goola, MOGO, Moto Gogo and Motoogrola. That last one sounds like a really tasty new kind of granola.