Anges Québec members invest $200k in project manager ISIOS

Anges Québec members have provided $200,000 in funding to ISIOS-PPM Inc, a Montréal-based software startup focused on integrated project portfolio management solutions for private and public organizations. Sebastien Massicotte, executive vice president of IN-RGY, was one of the investors. ISIOS, which was founded by Serge Diotte and François Diotte, will use the proceeds of the deal to increase marketing of the company’s product and further develop its technology platform. A network of 180 investors, Anges Québec has been responsible for investments in 59 early-stage companies.


Members of Anges Québec provide $200,000 in funding to support startup operations at ISIOS

Montreal, March 3, 2016 – After two years positioning its services in its target market, ISIOS has obtained an initial $200,000 in funding, which will enable it to continue its startup operations. The new capital will allow the firm to boost the marketing of its ISIOS software and pursue its continuous improvement program for its technology platform.

ISIOS specializes in project portfolio management and competes successfully with several major companies offering solutions that are relatively integrated but are complicated to operate and require major capital inputs. ISIOS does one up on the competition by offering a flexible, adaptable, and very affordable solution to private and public organizations struggling with project management issues. ISIOS is the result of many years of reflection by its founders, who all share the same vision of offering businesses a complete, modular, integrated project portfolio management solution they can access online with a few clicks!

The project portfolio management solution market is very specialized, and entry barriers can create a real challenge for companies that do not have extensive knowledge of the sector’s needs. It’s not just a matter of having features that are easy to use and visually attractive. The solution in itself must help crystallize best business practices, such as those recommended by the Project Management Institute.

The interest expressed by the numerous companies that have been approached so far clearly shows that ISIOS has been up to challenge!

Quote from one of the angel investors responsible for the investment:

All companies, in all sectors, have to deal with project management. Yet our experience as a software integrator for major Canadian companies has taught us that company project offices are often forced to use unintegrated tools and resort to Gantt-type project management. This made the ISIOS software solution a very attractive opportunity. It goes well beyond meeting basic project management needs. It is an integrated solution that meets the needs of a variety of industries. From investment and risk management to that of time and project execution, this software solution is distinctly different. It has undeniable added value and a very promising future.

We are very happy and proud to be able to contribute to its success as investors.

– Sebastien Massicotte, executive vice president of IN-RGY and member of Anges Québec

About Anges Québec
Anges Québec is a network of 180 investors that finds, finances, and coaches innovative Quebec companies with high growth potential. In this capacity, Anges Québec works with a number of key Quebec organizations interested in the creation and development of technological innovations. So far, Anges Québec members have invested and reinvested in 59 promising businesses in the seed and startup phases.

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The ISIOS trademark was created in January 2014 by ISIOS-PPM INC. Serge Diotte and François Diotte, who founded the company, have been developing the solution since 2001. Serge Diotte, age 58, graduated from HEC and completed a master’s in project management at UQAM. He worked in business development and has invested in retailing and real estate. He also built up a sizeable real estate portfolio over the years, which enabled him to invest in ISIOS. François Diotte, age 34, is an IT graduate. He honed his skills as a programmeranalyst in a number of IT firms and has spent most of his professional life developing the ISIOS platform.

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