Anvato Raises $2 Million

Anvato Inc., a Mountain View, Calif.-based provider of a video identification and monetization service, has held a $2 million first close on its Series A round, which is targeting $4 million. Oxantium Ventures led the deal.



Anvato Inc. ( announced it has raised $2 million of $4 million in Series A funding on the heels of launching its one-of-a-kind video identification and monetization service. Anvato uses computer machine vision to analyze videos and does not require meta-tags or watermarks to be embedded inside the videos. The company uses this technology to track copyrighted videos across the Internet and control their distribution and monetization from a single point. Using Anvato’s opt-in-advertising, both publishers and distributors convert a legal liability into profits.


Oxantium Ventures, a premier technology investment firm, was this round’s lead investor. “We saw an enormous potential in Anvato’s technology to revolutionize the way video advertising is done on the Internet, and made an investment to fuel its growth,” said Ammar Qusaibaty from the Oxantium team, who will join Anvato’s Board of Directors.


Anvato said it will use the funds to launch AdMatch, its video advertising platform that enables video publishers to track and monetize their online videos through contextual advertising.


With its Content ID product, Anvato already possesses the unique capability to index any video – including major national broadcast network channels – live and track their consumption on online video distribution sites such as YouTube, Veoh and DailyMotion. AdMatch expands this offering by allowing video publishers to insert relevant, unobtrusive ads into their videos and benefit from the viral distribution of their content.


“The Series A investment will enable us to grow our business at a critical juncture where the adoption of online video is growing at an exponential pace and video publishers are looking for the best options to monetize their intellectual property,” said Alper Turgut, cofounder and chief executive officer. “With this round of funding we will expand our service offering to provide our media partners better tools to track, distribute and monetize video online.”


Anvato is positioned to be the complete solution provider to facilitate sustainable business models for premium content owners and distributors. Using Anvato’s platform, video publishers can distribute their video assets openly, having all the tools they need to track and control their distribution and monetization from a single point.


About Anvato

Anvato is the first company that effectively applies cutting-edge computer machine vision to content protection and contextual advertising. Anvato enables content publishers to track and monetize their content via advertising while enabling advertisers to deliver better targeted messages and engage users by leveraging video context.


Anvato’s patent-pending technology, Perceptual Signature™, uses machine vision to extract knowledge about objects, scenes and visual cues from videos.


Founded in 2007, Anvato is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.


About Oxantium Ventures

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