Augment raises over $3 mln in Series A funding from Salesforce

Paris-based Augment raised over $3 million in Series A funding from Salesforce Ventures, Jean-François Chianetta, Augment co-founder and chief executive, told peHUB. The round brings the company’s total funding since launch to $4.7 million.  Augment is an augmented reality platform that allows users to envision any object in their current environment. Saleforce Ventures is Salesforce’s corporate investment group.


Augment, an augmented reality platform that allows users to envision any object in their current environment through a simple mobile app, today announced a Series A funding round, bringing the total funding since launch to $4.7 million from Salesforce Ventures and other investors.

The company, headquartered in Paris, France, has experienced tremendous growth over the past year and will use its funds to expand global sales and partnership programs, accelerate product development, and scale its global reach, which includes the onboarding of several key hires.

Over the last year, Augment has increased its revenue by over 200 percent and expanded its customer base to include AccorHotels, Coca-Cola Germany, Engie and L’Oreal.

Augment is one of the only augmented reality sales solutions available on the Salesforce AppExchange. The technology is integrated into the Salesforce1 Mobile App and brings augmented reality sales solutions to Salesforce customers. During presentations, users across various industries can now capture augmented reality simulations of their 3D product models, which are automatically attached and synced to the related opportunity. This enables teams to better communicate product placements with customers, shortening the sales cycle and optimizing productivity.

“Augment has always strived to find ways to enhance the experience for salespeople. Integrating Augment with Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company, was a must to put augmented reality technology in the right place, at the right time—when sales reps are in the field, in front of customers, closing deals,” said Jean-Francois Chianetta, CEO of Augment. “From the moment we entered the Salesforce ecosystem, we were able to demonstrate the impact of augmented reality technology on the enterprise. This investment is just one more step in building our common vision of the enterprise future.”

Augment offers users the capability to simulate their products in 3D augmented reality at scale in real-time in real environments, all from the convenience of their smartphones or tablets. Augment brings products to life. Its 3D model tracking, rendering and management capabilities distinguish its offerings, positioning the company as a leader in the augmented reality space.

Augment offers clients two innovative augmented reality solutions: Augment for Interactive Print and its Digital Sales Aid. Augment for Interactive Print allows users to augment 2D print materials such as brochures, flyers and training manuals with digital content to create engaging augmented reality experiences. Augment’s Digital Sales Aid enables sales teams to simulate their products in their clients’ environments in augmented reality from their smartphones or tablets—removing the guesswork and accelerating the sales process. Augment is additionally looking to increase the application of its augmented reality platform to broader enterprise use cases, such as addressing repair and service issues as well.

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About Augment

With more than 200 clients in 36 countries, Augment is a leader in the augmented reality space. Across industries, businesses turn to Augment for their marketing, sales, and operational needs. Augment offers a turnkey augmented reality solution to professionals, through its SaaS (Software as a Service) platform.

Augment is an efficient tool to assess new products in their intended environment and to create engaging augmented reality experiences. As a sales solution, Augment speeds up the design approval process and cuts prototyping costs. For sales teams, Augment helps increase sales, compliance, and efficiency. As a marketing solution, Augment connects offline and online communications, improving engagement and facilitating decision making.

Augment was founded in October 2011. The startup is headquartered in Paris (France) and has commercial offices in New York City (USA) and Orlando (USA).

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