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Google likes Farmville, too: Google has secretly invested $100 million in Zynga, which is responsible for FarmVille and MafiaWars. Bad Reception: Consumer reports says No to the iPhone4. Peltz is Looking for Money: Billionaire Nelson Peltz is seeking to raise $1.5 billion for a fund aimed at buying minority stakes in public companies. Citi CEO not so bad: Vikram "Vickles" Pandit has done a fair to decent job at Citi and gets an award, according to DealBreaker. A New V8: Campbell's is introducing a V8 V-Fusion drink with green tea that it hopes people will drink during the afternoon hours. Campbell's is also launching a carrot-based V8 vegetable drink to attract consumers who may not like tomato juice. Whistleblowers not anonymous: Corporate audit committee members are less likely to consider tips about misdeeds as credible if the tipster remains anonymous.
Son in Charge: Brett Icahn takes high profile role in Lions Gate negotations. Another NPT lawsuit: NTP Inc., which last sued RIM Ltd., has sued Apple, Google, HTC Corp., LG Electronics, Microsoft and Motorola over patents related to the email delivery to cell phones. No free checking: Wells Fargo has cut free checking for new customers as it prepares for sticter consumer protection regulations. Having fun at Sun Valley: Media moguls gather to talk deals and to knit, bike, take yoga classes and, of course, golf. Skipping the Meeting: Only one of the FCC's five regulators will bother Tuesday to attend the agency's "public workshop" in Chicago on the proposed Comcast-NBC Universal mega merger. Return of the Blimp: You remember blimps. Big, puffy and they fly. Now comes word that they may make a comeback as a greener cargo carrier.
An iPhone Glitch: AT&T says a software defect is slowing down the wireless connection for 1 million customers looking to send data from smartphones like the iPhone 4. Helping the turtles: BP Plc will add trained sea turtle rescuers to all oil-spill clean up teams when controlled burning of the Gulf oil spill resumes. Hedge Fund Spin off: Credit Suisse plans to spin off two hedge funds, Candlewood Special Situations and Candlewood Credit Value. Unemployment angst: Finding compassion for 24 year-old Colgate grad who is waiting for his dream job while sponging off his parents. Sun Valley Update: Only the media elite get to attend Allen & Co.'s Sun Valley conference where we learn that blockbuster multimillion dollar deals aren't in vogue anymore. Thanks for that tidbit. Foursquare is growing and growing: Foursquare is bigger in terms of both users and venues than Gowalla.
* Should BP nuke the leak? Scary that this an option. * Global PE fundraising nearly dies in second quarter. * Email marketing meets social media and kicks its ass. * VC-backed IPOs survived and rebounded in second quarter. * The flying car is here! But wait, it costs $195,000... * Bids are in for Newsweek but where is PE? * Seven banks that could be first on the block. But what about the other 700 problem banks? * It's Friday so check out Woot's rap video celebrating its sale to Amazon. Go monkey! Happy Fourth of July everyone. Dan is back next week.
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