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The growth-equity and late-stage heavy portfolio of the $116bn LP cratered at the beginning of the pandemic, but it largely made up lost ground and then some by mid-year, with Sequoia Capital's recovery standing out.
Out of the dozens VC funds in California's LP portfolio, most advanced amid the pandemic and during the fiscal year ending June 30.
The well-known VC and blogger discusses the reasons public markets may be willing to pay more for high-growth companies and how this impacts early-stage cloud start-ups.
Apurva Mehta and Patrick O'Connor built a top-performing emerging manager VC portfolio while they were co-CIOs of a hospital endowment in Texas. Two years ago, they converted those partnerships into an FoF.
Biotech VCs have played a crucial role in developing medicines for the disorder before selling them to big pharma, and they've realized exceptional returns while making a difference in patients' lives.
In the covid-19 era, investors say virtual board meetings provide flexibility and are more efficient. But board members say they long for the in-person interactions.
A fully realized business model may not exist for another decade, but interest in quantum computing is soaring. Pegasus, Morpheus and Redpoint, among others, are planning for the long game.
Since launching its formal LP effort in 2016, Boulder, Colorado-based Foundry Group firm has backed dozens of emerging managers. These relationships have also helped the firm zero in on direct investments.
VC Education Tory Patterson, Owl Ventures
Investor interest in edtech is expected to continue in a post-pandemic world, according to Tory Patterson of edtech-focused Owl Ventures, who says that we will soon see some good IPO candidates.
Coronavirus Bounceback
LPs’ fears of large markdowns in VC assets did not materialize. Valuations through Q2 are expected to either stay relatively flat or even increase, especially for late-stage focused managers.

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