Battery-Backed ChoiceVendor Buys VendorCity

ChoiceVendor, a San Francisco-based B2B review site focused on vendors, has acquired rival VendorCity. No financial terms were disclosed. ChoiceVendor has raised VC funding from Battery Ventures.


ChoiceVendor, a peer-driven business-to-business review resource of vendors and service providers, today announced the launch of their service, and the acquisition of VendorCity. ChoiceVendor is now generally available, offering peer reviews, ratings, and recommendations of B2B vendors and service providers in over 70 related categories nationwide.

ChoiceVendor cuts down on the time necessary to research and find vendors or service providers by offering insider perspective and counsel. ChoiceVendor emphasizes high-quality, peer-based reviews that facilitate informed decision-making.

“Business owners are busy and ChoiceVendor can significantly reduce research time and provide valuable insight, whether these companies are seeking service vendors to print business cards or searching for a marketing firm,” said Founder and CEO, Yan-David Erlich. “When we were searching for a lawyer we started with a Google search, which was uninformative at best. ChoiceVendor was inspired by the desire to bring word-of-mouth referrals online. We believe small business owners should be able to access a trustworthy repository of peer reviews.”

ChoiceVendor is organized in such a way that businesses are reviewed by real customers, and so that professionals in search of new B2B service providers can discover and consider new businesses based off perspectives from decision makers in similar roles. Popular categories include:

  • Accountants
  • Web designers
  • Payroll
  • Search engine marketing
  • Business lawyers

In conjunction with the launch, ChoiceVendor is acquiring Vendor City. With the acquisition, ChoiceVendor is incorporating VendorCity’s extensive repository of service vendors and reviews.
“ChoiceVendor strives to provide business owners with the resources necessary to build and manage a successful business. The acquisition of VendorCity further illustrates this objective by increasing our resource initiatives and increasing the number of insightful reviews available to our users,” Erlich stated.

Reviews and recommendations create a wealth of data that is incredibly helpful when people are in the process of making a purchase or a major business decision. In the small and medium business community, sharing knowledge with like-minded business owners is critical to success, and ChoiceVendor allows experts to reach a wider community of peers.

“Before ChoiceVendor, it was very difficult to find high-quality vendor reviews from other business owners”, said Matt Crystal, Founder & CEO of Palm Drive Media. “On ChoiceVendor, I was able to search for a new bookkeeper, warn other business owners about my negative vendor experience, and then write a positive review of the excellent new bookkeeper I found. Using ChoiceVendor the first time around would have saved me a lot of time and money, so now when I’m looking for a new service provider I check ChoiceVendor first.”

Vendors who list themselves and get reviewed on ChoiceVendor also benefit from free and authentic word-of-mouth marketing to a targeted audience of business professionals who are actively looking for service providers.

About ChoiceVendor:

ChoiceVendor provides real-world ratings and reviews of business-to-business service providers in over 70 categories, across the United States.

ChoiceVendor was founded in 2008 by Yan-David Erlich, an EIR at Battery Ventures, and Rama Ranganath of Google. ChoiceVendor is backed by Battery Ventures, a top-tier Silicon Valley venture firm, and is headquartered in San Francisco.

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