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Bayz nabs $4m seed

Bayz, a blockchain gaming startup, has raised $4 million in seed funding.

Bayz, a blockchain gaming startup, has raised $4 million in seed funding. Yield Guild Games led the round with participation from other backers that included Bitkraft and Delphi Digital.


BRAZIL – (December 9, 2021) – BAYZ, a leading decentralized gaming organization bringing play-to-earn to people via blockchain-based economies, today announced the close of a $4 million seed funding round led by Yield Guild Games with participation from leading gaming and crypto investors BITKRAFT and Delphi Digital. Other participants in the round include Valor Capital, Ascensive Assets, Fabric Ventures, Arca and more. Angel investors include Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox), Aleksander “Psycheout” Larsen and Jeff “Jiho” Zirlin (Axie Infinity), Nickev (RumbleKongs and reNFTLabs).

Founded by esports veterans Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge and João Borges, BAYZ aims to remove potential barriers to entry and introduce play-to-earn gaming to more people worldwide, starting with Brazil. The funding will be used to solidify BAYZ’s position as a leading guild in the NFT gaming industry through aggressive investments and partnerships with leading blockchain-gaming developers, growing its content and creator network, and hiring top talent.

“With the growth of NFT and blockchain-based gaming, we knew that we had an incredible opportunity to bring the play-to-earn platform to those who need it most,” said Matt “MobileMatt” Rutledge, Co-Founder of BAYZ. “By building out our content pipeline and infrastructure, we’re committed to creating the resources needed to help gamers learn about the power of play-to-earn and help onboard them into the metaverse.”

João Borges, Co-Founder of BAYZ added, “We believe in the power of blockchain technology and its ability to help players elevate themselves and make their passion their job and we thank our investors for believing in our vision. BAYZ has an important role in revolutionizing the gaming industry and positively impacting the lives of millions of people starting with Brazil.”

As a community-owned and operated company, BAYZ uses a DAO structure of governance. A portion of the funds will be allocated to a community fund for the BAYZ community to determine how to utilize the funds from a social impact perspective.

“BAYZ’s vision to educate players in blockchain gaming and to develop the play-to-earn ecosystem in their region is aligned with YGG’s mission of onboarding more people into the Metaverse with play-to-earn. With Matt and João’s expertise in the Brazilian community and mobile gaming esports, we believe that this partnership with BAYZ will allow us to provide more value and create a bigger impact for the community,” said Gabby Dizon, Co-founder of Yield Guild Games.

Earlier this year, BAYZ announced the guild owns a sense of responsibility for onboarding new players into the metaverse and into the BAYZ community within games it operates in. As the platform grows, BAYZ will establish an industry-leading structure to support high-level esports operations within the global blockchain gaming ecosystem through content, competition and education.

About BAYZ
BAYZ is a decentralized autonomous organization focused on bringing people into the metaverse through blockchain gaming and play-to-earn engagement. With a focus on content and competition, BAYZ partners with leading publishers, content creators, and gamers to help people engage with leading NFT-based games such as Axie Infinity, The Sandbox, Ember Sword, and Big Time. BAYZ aims to build the jobs of the future and reward people for doing what they love.