Beem Energy fetches 7m euros

Beem Energy, a French provider of home energy efficiency and energy management systems, has raised 7 million euros in funding.

Beem Energy, a French provider of home energy efficiency and energy management systems, has raised 7 million euros in funding. The backers include Capital, Alter Equity, BNP Paribas Développement and Bpifrance.


Beem Energy today announced that it has raised €7 million from a number of partners with complementary expertise, including 360 Capital, Alter Equity, BNP Paribas Développement and Bpifrance. Five business angels from successful companies (Nest, Dreem, Drivy, Crisp), who have been involved in the Beem project, also participated, such as David Sloo, the former User Experience Architect at Nest.

With this raising of funds, Beem Energy is entering the second phase of its mission which aims to replicate the success of the solar kit with other hardware and software products, to develop a broader home energy control and energy efficiency management ecosystem. Like with the Beem kit, providing a unique customer experience is at the core of the design of each product and service, to at last make energy efficiency a fun and accessible topic in which individuals want to play a hands-on role.

The start-up already raised €2 million in 2019 to support its production phase and sales launch and so this new operation brings the total sum raised to €9 million.

The co-founders of Beem Energy, Arthur Kenzo, Ralph Feghali and Pierre-Emmanuel Roger, have been accompanied since the company’s launch by Imagination Machine, the “startup studio for good” founded by California’s serial entrepreneur Rob Spiro, from which a dozen ambitious start-ups with positive impacts have emerged.

Alexandre Mordacq, 360 Capital: “We are delighted to be joining the Beem adventure. Attracted at first by the very high customer satisfaction, we were quickly convinced by the quality of the team, their vision of the world combining energy transition and an incredible customer experience, and by the substantial market opportunity.”

Félix Mounier, Alter Equity: “We were seduced by the vision of the founders, who seem to be in a position to successfully deliver wide-scale growth that will help to achieve energy transition”.

BNP Paribas Développement: “The founding team has delivered and executed the plan presented as part of its pre-seed round. This seed round is thus the opportunity to renew our support for Beem Energy. All the milestones achieved to date give credibility to the company’s vision and ambition.”

Ralph Feghali, CEO and co-founder Beem Energy: “The phase we are entering is extremely exciting. We have proven with the Beem kit that we are capable of creating positive emotions and an unparalleled experience to empower people to take control of their energy. The support of our new partners means that we can step up a gear to become a leading European player in home energy management.”

About Beem Energy: Set up in Nantes (France) in 2019 by three co-founders, Ralph Feghali, Arthur Kenzo and Pierre-Emmanuel Roger, Beem Energy has had support from the Imagination Machine start-up studio created by Rob Spiro, a serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley. Beem Energy designs, develops and sells a home energy efficiency and energy management system for greater energy transparency and self-sufficiency. The company already employs 10 people and more staff continue to be hired. Beem Energy has already won several prizes. In 2021, Beem Enegy raised €7 million.