BGV wraps up fourth fund

Benhamou Global Ventures has closed its fourth fund at $110 million.

Benhamou Global Ventures has closed its fourth fund at $110 million. BGV invests in enterprise 4.0 companies.


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley-based venture capital (VC) firm Benhamou Global Ventures (BGV), which invests in Enterprise 4.0 companies globally, today announced its fourth fund, closing at $110M, 60% larger than its third fund.

As the innovation landscape rapidly enters a new technological era, further ignited by the COVID-19 pandemic, BGV will use this new capital to invest in startups at the intersection of global innovation and Enterprise 4.0. BGV brings deep operational expertise to its portfolio companies, and actively works with CEOs to build value in the companies they create while providing the necessary capital to scale globally.

BGV’s immigrant origins have enabled the firm to relate to and connect with the challenges of being an immigrant founder. The firm’s cross-border investment strategy allows BGV to source the most promising, capital-efficient startups originating in innovation hubs outside of Silicon Valley and help them scale in the U.S. Currently, 60% of BGV’s portfolio companies were founded outside of Silicon Valley across France, Israel, India and other parts of Western Europe.

“For BGV, if you are a talented entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter where you’re from. What matters is that your idea and your company are innovative, unique, and transformative across global markets,” said Eric Benhamou, Founder and General Partner at BGV. “We’re grateful to the many new global investors who placed their trust and capital in us. We are proud to close this fourth fund and will continue our work helping the next generation of cross-border entrepreneurs in their company building journey.”

With this fourth fund, BGV will focus exclusively on the Enterprise 4.0 domain. Enterprise 4.0 describes AI-first B2B startups that apply deep tech to novel data sets coupled with workflow automation. Most importantly these startups do so without introducing unintended race, gender or age bias while addressing data privacy and security concerns and providing transparency. The BGV team has thought deeply about the importance of ethical AI as it relates to B2B implementations and recently established a diverse community of entrepreneurs and industry executives to democratize the evolution and growth of Ethical AI Governance. This new fund will allocate capital towards companies implementing cutting-edge AI solutions in ways that are ethical and serve to deliver strong returns while improving the world around them.

Often holding seats on the boards of its portfolio companies, BGV has a hands-on, long-term approach to investments. The VC firm helps startups accelerate market validation and de-risk execution in order to scale and compete on a global playing field, both within and outside of the US.

Totango, a poster child BGV portfolio company founded in Israel recently closed a $100M growth investment on the heels of a record 2020 breakout year. Totango experiences significant growth as digital transformation continues to accelerate, driving many businesses to invest massively in customer success. Their success was fueled by a compelling product-led growth sales motion in the US coupled with an award-winning AI-powered product platform.

About BGV:
BGV is a venture capital firm with deep Silicon Valley roots and an exclusive focus on global Enterprise 4.0 technology innovation. The partnership sources companies from innovation hubs around the world and deploys financial and human capital from seed stage to IPO. With offices in Palo Alto, Tel Aviv, Paris, and Mumbai, BGV has championed a cross-border venture investing model with a portfolio representing businesses in the US, Israel, Europe, and India. Visit to learn more.