Big Startup Opportunity Seen In Moving Legacy Apps To The Cloud

Last year was the year of the cloud, with more than $500 million in venture money going into 68 U.S. based cloud startups.

There is room for more. One industry subsector ripe for venture investing is what Siki Giunta describes as software tools and services that help corporations take existing apps to the cloud.

Giunta (pictured) is Computer Sciences Corp.’s vice president of cloud computing and software services, and she told me she see large companies making a determined move to cloud computing. Since October, more pilots have begun and the market is coming into its own, says Giunta, who in an earlier life was a software entrepreneur at companies including Managed Objects.

But the challenges of taking old-style applications and converting them for use with cloud-oriented pools of servers and storage are considerable. It is these pools of resources that can be shifted on demand from one workload to the next that create economies of scale.

“It really is the market that is coming up,” she says. And one more thing: it is large.