Booyah Raises $4.5 Million from Kleiner Perkins

Booyah is stew-like food prepared en masse for large gatherings, and has become an exclamatory catchphrase for broadcasters like Jim Cramer and Stuart Scott. More quietly, it’s also become the name of an online content startup funded by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.


The Silicon Valley company is still in stealth mode, but here is what we know: Booyah was formed earlier this year by a trio of folks – Sam Christiansen, Keith Lee and Brian Morrisroe — who previously worked at Blizzard Entertainment, which is responsible for the World of Warcraft games. Kleiner Perkins is its only institutional backer to date, and has invested approximately $4.5 million with partner Matt Murphy taking a board seat.


Finally, it seems that Booyah has far grander plans than just coming up with another successful MMO game. The company’s sparse website says that it wants to “blow people away with a product that actually improves their life while simultaneously delighting them…” and is out to “do good, to help other people do good, to change the world.”


Matt Murphy declined to comment.