Boston’s Pillar adds Sarah Hodges as partner

Boston-based venture firm Pillar Cos, which is looking to raise a $100 million inaugural fund, has added Sarah Hodges as a partner.

Hodges co-founded and is a former adviser with Flybridge Capital Partners. She also previously worked at Pluralsight, Smarterer and FitnessKeeper.

At Pillar, Hodges said she will make investments and build and manage the firm’s Access Program to help portfolio companies with talent recruiting, marketing guidance and access to other resources.

She posted on Medium about her joining Pillar in which she likened the value that Andreessen Horowitz provides to entrepreneurs as an approach Pillar wants to take a cue from. “While we don’t have billions under management, we think there’s a huge opportunity to bring the best elements of their framework to early-stage investing in Boston,” she wrote.

Hodges told VCJ that she previously “made a few angel investments, but this is the first time [she will invest] on behalf of a fund.” Her angel investments include VentureApp, which connects startups to vendors.

Pillar was launched by Jamie Goldstein, a former general partner with North Bridge Venture Partners. Goldstein, who had been with North Bridge for nearly 18 years before leaving late last year, blogged about his new project in a Medium post he published in February.

The firm has disclosed two deals to date: LBRY and Rekener.

Photo of Sarah Hodges, partner at Pillar Companies courtesy of the firm