Brad Garlinghouse’s Next Act

When we last heard from Brad Garlinghouse, he was stepping down as Yahoo’s senior VP in charge of such massive properties as Mail, Messenger, Groups and Flickr. That was around six months ago — 20 months after his infamous memo — and it seems that he’s finally working on a new project.

Garlinghouse has founded a Menlo Park-based software startup called WithoutStripes, according to a regulatory filing. Details are so thin as to be virtually nonexistent, although it’s perhaps notable that redirects to the homepage of Zimbra — a provider of open-source email server software that Garlinghouse helped Yahoo buy in late 2007 (Update: Garlinghouse is simply using Zimbra to host WithoutStripes’ email — the two companies are not related).

Garlinghouse is listed on the filing as the company’s president, and only executive. Listed as a director is Michael Rolnick, a Bay Area venture capitalist whose last fulltime gig was with ComVentures.

I reached out to both Garlinghouse and Rolnick, who both declined to comment until they’re a bit further along. If you’ve got any details in the interim, be sure to let us know.

Prior to joining Yahoo in 2003, Garlinghouse served as CEO of Dialpad Communications. Before that, he was a VC with @Ventures.