BuiltUp Ventures backs two Israeli contech startups

BuiltUp Ventures has made investments in two Israeli construction tech startups: Trusstor and StructShare.

BuiltUp Ventures has made investments in two Israeli construction tech startups: Trusstor and StructShare. No financial terms were disclosed.


BuiltUp Ventures, an investor in early-stage Israeli proptech companies, announced it has made significant financial commitments to Trusstor and StructShare, two fast-growing Israeli construction tech (contech) startups.

“We are pleased to welcome Trusstor and StructShare to BuiltUp Ventures’ 360-degree solution, which provides customers with the pieces needed to build a comprehensive proptech ecosystem,” said Oded Eliashiv, Principal and Founding Managing Partner of BuiltUp Ventures. “With COVID-19 continuing to impact the real estate market, technology solutions are becoming more essential to building owners, developers, and managers than ever before.”

Trusstor is a next generation command and control system powered by real-time location and site condition sensors, creating a safer and more productive working environment for the construction industry. The system provides valuable insights for construction site management, including real-time monitoring of all site resources, accelerating response time to unplanned events and enforcement of health and safety regulations.

“It is with great pleasure and excitement that Trusstor becomes a partner company with BuiltUp Ventures. By combining their strong domain expertise and extensive industry relationships with Trusstor’s advanced technological capabilities, we look forward to accelerating the implementation of our business plan, with the benefit of the experience and perspective of a leading construction-tech investor,” said Omri Sorek, CEO & Co-Founder of Trusstor.

StructShare, with the vision of digitizing the construction material ecosystem, has created an online platform that automates the entire purchasing and material handling workflows for contractors, while seamlessly connecting suppliers and streamlining communication. Driven by artificial intelligence and smart algorithms, the system helps make procurement processes more time and cost effective.

“We look forward to working with the BuiltUp Ventures team to help us grow our customer base in the U.S. and Europe, as well as continue to deliver the solutions that fit our clients’ needs and give them the peace of mind to grow their business,” said Arik Davidi and Or Lakritz, the Founders of StructShare.

Additional companies BuiltUp Ventures has invested in over the last two years include MyTower, SolidBlock, Augmind, Innovesta, and Everflow.

MyTower uses artificial and business intelligence tools to analyze a property’s data and develop better maintenance systems, as well as improve the management of people and their experiences within a building. The platform can monitor visitors, vehicles, deliveries, and other services as well as remotely facilitate tenant communication, report maintenance issues, and respond to changing circumstances such as reduced air quality and rapid temperature fluctuations.

SolidBlock utilizes asset tokenization – the convergence of investing and blockchain technology – to transform real estate into a tradable financial product. This gives investors the opportunity to buy shares in a property without owning the entire asset.

Augmind enhances virtual marketing for new developments through the use of hyper-realism design, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR). The company combines its proprietary technology and artistry to minimize the time and costs of content creation, while maximizing the ability of 3D visuals to run smoothly in real time.

Innovesta is an AI-based platform that provides investment information, planning tools, and due diligence for existing buildings and new property developments. The platform allows investors to discover opportunities that fit their investment needs, values and risks by objectively ranking a company’s leadership team, quality, integrity and business agility.
EverFlow digitizes real estate and other private securities, and divides their possession among many investors using digital asset securities and exchanges. Offering more transparent and detailed information, Everflow creates new investment niches for new investor populations.

BuiltUp Ventures invests in innovative, early-stage property technology (proptech) startups. The Tel Aviv- and New York-based venture capital firm utilizes a hands-on approach and longstanding industry expertise to increase its partner companies’ opportunities for success. Focusing on the real estate sector, BuiltUp Ventures offers a 360-degree solution that encompasses the most promising Israeli startups, providing customers with the pieces to complete every stage of the proptech puzzle. For more information visit http://www.builtupventures.com.