Candover Recaps Qioptiq

Candover has recapitalized Qioptiq Group, a France-based maker of high-precision optical solutions for the defense, medical and industrial markets. No financial terms were disclosed, except that European Capital and American Capital invested a combined $85 million on the mezzanine tranche.



European Capital Limited (LSE: ECAS) (“European Capital”), announced today that it has invested US$57 million in the Qioptiq Group, a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high-precision optical solutions for the defence, medical and industrial markets. The investment was led by the Paris office of European Capital Financial Services Limited (“European Capital Services”) and supports Candover's recapitalisation of Qioptiq. European Capital invested mezzanine debt in Qioptiq, which was arranged and underwritten by The Royal Bank of Scotland and Unicredit. In addition to the US$57 million investment by European Capital, its affiliate American Capital Strategies, Ltd. (Nasdaq: ACAS) (“American Capital”) invested US$28 million in the transaction.

“European Capital successfully teamed up with American Capital to provide this dollar denominated investment,” said Ira Wagner, President of European Capital Services. “The ability to fund in Euros, Pounds Sterling and Dollars is another one of European Capital's many competitive advantages.”

“We are excited to partner with Candover, a leading private equity fund in Europe,” said Jean Eichenlaub, Regional Managing Director Southern Europe of European Capital Services. “Qioptiq is recognised as a worldwide technology and quality leader in the high-precision optics market. Its exceptional management team has demonstrated its ability to achieve outstanding growth, both organically and through strategic acquisitions.”

European Capital has invested over euro 1.6 billion (US$2.5 billion) in the last twelve months, euro 301 million (US$466 million) year to date and euro 133 million (US$205 million) quarter to date. European Capital has assisted in the refinance or syndication of euro 296 million (US$462 million) of senior debt for its portfolio companies in the last twelve months, euro 604 million (US$943 million) inception to date and raised over euro 520 million (US$802 million) in capital and realised euro 115 million (US$177 million) from investments. For more information about European Capital's portfolio, go to

Qioptiq enjoys a superlative reputation for quality and extremely strong customer loyalty in a sector with very high barriers to entry,” said Tristan Parisot, Director, European Capital Services. “Qioptiq is poised for sustained and accelerated growth driven by the continual need for higher-precision optical solutions in the defence, biomedical and industrial instrumentation markets and by the identification of promising acquisition opportunities.”

Qioptiq's strong research and development capabilities, its highly qualified and loyal staff and its state of the art production facilities enable it to respond quickly and efficiently to the unique needs of its customers around the world,” said Guillaume Peroz, Manager, European Capital Services. “Qioptiq has successfully established commanding market positions and commercial presences in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.”

Founded in 2005 as a spin-off of the high-tech optics division of Thales, Qioptiq is a world leading developer of high precision optical systems. Supported by Candover, Qioptiq expanded its geographical reach and product offering through the acquisition of Linos in 2006, a leading German manufacturer of high precision optics for the European medical and industrial markets, and of Pointsource in 2008, a leading UK-based producer of fiber optic laser solutions used in biomedical and commercial applications. The Company has operations in Europe, Asia and the U.S. and employs over 2,400 people worldwide. Qioptiq's products are used in a broad array of industries including defence, biomedical and industrial solutions. The Company achieved 2007 revenues in excess of US$350 million, proforma of the acquisition of Pointsource, completed in 2008.

“We highly value European Capital's strong commitment to Qioptiq and its confidence in our vision and strategy for the Company,” said Benoit Bazire, CEO, Qioptiq. “We look forward to working together on the future development of Qioptiq with Candover and European Capital.”

“European Capital has proven itself a dependable and speedy partner,” said Cyril Zaire, Director, Candover. “We hope to strengthen our relationship with the dedicated team at European Capital as we work together to grow Qioptiq and in support of future opportunities.”


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Candover is a leading private equity investment group in Europe. Since 1980, Candover has invested in 135 buyouts totaling euro 42 billion. With offices in London, Madrid, Milan and Paris, Candover has invested in eleven European countries. Over the last two years, European Capital's London office supported Candover's acquisitions of Ferretti, Capital Safety and Hilding Anders.

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