Cathay Innovation partners with Seaya Ventures to streamline co-investments

Cathay Innovation has announced a strategic partnership with Seaya Ventures, which includes a minority investment and an expanded investment platform.

Multistage manager Cathay Innovation announced this week a new strategic partnership with Madrid-based investment firm Seaya Ventures. The partnership will enable Cathay to expand its global presence into Southern Europe and Latin America and capitalize on Seaya’s expertise in those regions.

Cathay Innovation is also taking a minority investment in Seaya Ventures as part of the agreement.

The two firms have collaborated for years via co-investments, which include Spanish companies Glovo, Savana, Housfy, Coverfy, Wallbox and Paris-based Alma.

Beatriz Gonzalez, founder and managing partner at Seaya Ventures, said the region is drawing more capital from cross-border investments as companies are expanding to international markets.

Gonzalez added: “With its global reach and unique corporate ecosystem across sectors, our partnership with Cathay will enable greater opportunity for start-ups to access global funding and potential partners, expand internationally and become European leaders.”

The firms each are known for backing tech companies that feature a “positive impact,” but the partnership will hone in on each firm’s investment specialties: Seaya bridges the early-stage, pre-Series A and B investment gap in Southern Europe; while Cathay focuses on accelerating early-growth start-ups internationally.

Jacky Abitbol, managing partner at Cathay Innovation, noted that venture capital has expanded worldwide, but is still largely siloed by region, which he said limits the support and access to knowledge that firms can provide start-ups.

“This is precisely why we built our global platform,” Abitbol said. “To help entrepreneurs everywhere grow and lead, whether that be in home markets or on the global stage.”