CDPQ launches Cheffes de file to support women-led companies

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) has launched Cheffes de file, an initiative intended to help grow women-led companies in Québec.

Cheffes de file will operate as a collaboration platform, bringing women entrepreneurs together to share best practices.

Additionally, participants will be provided with value-adding resources and information, as well as access to local and global networks of coaches and experts.

Cheffes de file will include about 50 women who are decision-makers and shareholders of Québec companies with sales ranging from $5 million to $20 million.


La Caisse launches Cheffes de file to drive the growth of companies owned by women

Québec Montréal, October 29, 2018

– Creation of a women entrepreneurs’ community of practice
– Access to a network of la Caisse’s local and international partners
– Coaching by a community of experts

La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (la Caisse) announces the launch of a unique initiative to accelerate the growth of companies owned by women. Cheffes de file will invite selected women entrepreneurs from Québec’s various regions who distinguish themselves through their achievements and leadership, and who are at the head of strong and promising companies.

Cheffes de file will include around fifty women who are decision-makers and shareholders of companies with sales ranging from $5 to $20 million. The initiative focuses on co-development and sharing best practices among women entrepreneurs who share similar realities and objectives. The goal is to enhance their strategic thinking, allowing them to take advantage of growth levers available to them and create value within their companies.

Cheffes de file is the product of consulting and mobilizing efforts. The initiative was made possible through brainstorming meetings with women entrepreneurs, research conducted by la Caisse’s local and international partners and the collaboration of key players in Québec’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“At la Caisse, we have the strong conviction that, to generate wealth, Québec’s companies need to pursue efforts to grow and globalize, and that we need even more women heading promising companies. In the last few months, we have taken the pulse of women entrepreneurs’ needs and challenges. They clearly expressed a desire to be provided with content, to have access to experts and to share best practices in order to accelerate their companies’ growth. We listened and created a made-to-measure initiative,” stated Michèle Boisvert, Executive Vice-President, Business Outreach at la Caisse.

Flexible yet concrete actions to accelerate growth

Cheffes de file will start as a community of women entrepreneurs whom we will offer value-added resources and information to sharpen their strategic and operational reflexes. In response to a need for flexibility expressed by the women entrepreneurs, they will also be able to share through a collaboration platform that will be specially designed for them.

Networking is at the heart of the initiative. The objective is to build bridges between the women entrepreneur community of practice and existing networks within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, whether sectoral, regional or others, such as QG100 or the Groupement des chefs d’entreprise. While a distinct initiative, Cheffes de file complements other existing initiatives.

Lastly, la Caisse’s network of experts will be available to provide solid support for implementing certain entrepreneurs’ more advanced growth plans.

In addition to driving the growth of companies owned by women, la Caisse hopes to increase the number of women entrepreneurs at the head of medium and large companies in Québec by launching Cheffes de file.


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