Clean Filtration Tech Raises $3.5 Million

Clean Filtration Technologies Inc., a Redwood City, Calif.-based developer of water treatment technology, has raised $3.5 million in Series B funding led by Dow Venture Capital.


Efficient treatments for difficult-to-filter waters are one step closer now that Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc. (CFT) recently closed its Series B financing of $3.5 million led by The Dow Chemical Company with a $3 million cash investment through its Venture Capital group.

Dianne J. Mccord Maughon, New Business Development Director globally for Dow Water & Process Solutions, and Christopher Jones, Dow Investment Manager in Dow Venture Capital, will serve on CFT’s Board of Directors. Dow Water & Process Solutions (DW&PS) business has also signed a joint development agreement with CFT.

CFT is the company behind the CFT Turboclone™ filtration device, a patented water filter designed to efficiently reduce total suspended solids (TSS) from difficult-to-filter water.

Reducing this particulate matter produces a consistent high quality feed stream that is suitable for numerous applications such as wastewater reuse, potable water processing, industrial processing and agricultural irrigation. The CFT Turboclone™ filtration device combines both hydroclone and cross flow filtration technologies to create an efficient treatment solution for a variety of feed waters, such as those from many surface or water reuse sources.

“We are excited for Dow’s continued support of the CFT Turboclone™ filter through its second round of financing and the JDA with DWPS. This technology has the potential to make a major and sustainable impact on the industry,” said John Mallard, Clean Filtration Technologies’ CEO. “We’re looking forward to working with Dow to accelerate the commercial introduction of this exciting new technology.”

“We’re excited to help support CFT in the finance and development of this technology. Sustainability is one Dow’s core values and this technology offers the potential to further support ‘green operations’ across the industry,” said Monty Bayer, global business director, Dow Ventures & Business Development, Licensing, and Venture Capital. “This investment is strategically aligned to enable and accelerate Dow’s new business growth in the water industry.”

About Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc. (CFT)

Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc. engineers efficient, next generation, water treatment technology. The CFT Turboclone™ hydroclone system is a high capacity filtration device for drinking, waste and process water applications. The CFT Turboclone™ hydroclone system uses a non-consumable, proprietary metal membrane. The membrane is self cleaning and virtually maintenance free. The CFT Turboclone™ hydroclone system can process high turbidity water and reduce suspended solids without fouling or plugging. When used as a pre-filter, the CFT Turboclone™ hydroclone system can allow other treatment technologies to operate with peak efficiency and can reduce maintenance and operation expenses. ( CFT Turboclone™ is a trademark of Clean Filtration Technologies, Inc.

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