Count picks up $2.5m

Count, a data platform, has raised $2.5 million in funding.

Count, a data platform, has raised $2.5 million in funding. LocalGlobe led the round with participation from Global Founders Capital.


London, 16 April 2020
A new data platform that will give early stage tech companies much faster data analysis powers has come out of stealth mode, amid an urgent need to give startups better decision making tools. Count, which raised $2.4m in a previously un-announced seed round led by LocalGlobe, is launching formally and has opened up its data platform to startups working in the fight against the coronavirus crisis for free.

The seed funding round was led by LocalGlobe, with participation from Global Founders Capital. Angel investors including Charlie Songhurst, the former head of corporate strategy at Microsoft have also backed the round.

Count’s superior data consolidation and analysis features were designed to help growing tech companies make strategic and operational decisions with confidence. The company was founded in 2016 by former management consultant Oliver Hughes and Imperial College physicist Oliver Pike, who were frustrated by the number of people who weren’t able to make data-driven decisions because of the complexity of standard data software and the technical and design constraints accepted by the industry.

Hughes said: “During our research we spoke with hundreds of teams who were struggling to move quickly because of the limitations of their data infrastructure. No matter the size or stage of the business they were struggling to consolidate their marketing, customer and operations data in one place and give everyone in their team easy access to the information they needed.”

“The teams making the most progress were having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, across separate solutions, to help them get their data under control and it was taking them up to 12-18 months to purchase and implement it all.”

To solve this problem, Count is a data warehouse, transformation tool and visualisation and reporting platform all in one. It provides teams with everything they need to use their data effectively in a fraction of the time and cost of current approaches. “Rather than iteratively purchase and implement different data products as internal resources allow, Count allows teams to create a mature data capability instantly so they can get on with growing the business,” Oliver Hughes explains. “So many startups get locked into long term contracts with tools which are no longer suitable for them. Count has a simple pay-as-you-go model so teams can start using the platform for free and only pay more as their team and data grow.”

Remus Brett, Partner at LocalGlobe, said: “Most people know that data is incredibly important but the ability to take it and tell stories with it still remains difficult. Now more than ever, we see the value in being able to process and analyse data at speed, to help us make critical decisions. Count makes it possible for even very early stage companies to begin making decisions based on analysis of their data.”

One of the core differences between Count and other data tools is the lack of dashboards. Instead, analysis and visualisations in Count are all completed in data notebooks.

“Dashboards may be the industry’s method of choice for displaying data but they’re actually pretty poor at helping teams make decisions,” said Hughes. “Dashboards show lots of charts but don’t provide the wider context which is always needed when making decisions confidently.”

In comparison Count’s notebooks allow users to combine their analysis with text, images and other content, so users can explain their findings fully and aid collaboration. Additionally notebooks offer a range of ways users can explore data based on their experience level. Count has even created their own “notebook SQL” syntax which allows users to query data up to 7x faster than SQL.

“Count has given us a way to pull all our data together and build reports for the whole team,” said Edd Read, CTO at “Notebooks are a powerful way for us to share insights in context and give the team the ability to query data without having to learn SQL”
Count hopes the speed and ease of implementation of its platform will be of help to organisations tackling the direct and indirect impacts of the covid crisis. It is offering organisations 6 months free access to the Count platform as well as dedicated analytical support to teams most in need of analyst support.

Hughes explains: “Over half of our team have partners who are frontline healthcare professionals who are putting their lives at risk whenever they go to work. As a team we wanted to use the resources we had to help in our own small way.”

Organisations interested in making use of Count can reach the company here.

About Count: Count is the first all-in-one data platform. The company was founded in 2016 and gives early and growth-stage companies everything they need to rapidly consolidate and analyse their data. Press resources can be found here.

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