Credit card startup Final snags $1 mln

Mountain View, California-based credit card startup Final has closed $1 million in seed funding. The investors included Ludlow Ventures, T5 Capital Partners and Y ­Combinator.


MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ­ Jan. 27, 2014 ­ Final, the only credit card that enables users to generate multiple card numbers, today announced it has raised
$1 million in a recent seed round. Final is backed by the confidence of investors which include Ludlow Ventures, T5 Capital Partners, Y­Combinator and
several financial technology ­associated angel investors. Specific contributions have not been publicly disclosed.

“We have the support of some very successful and respected players in this space; people we look to for advice in navigating some of the necessary
business pieces for getting the Final credit card to market,” said Aaron Frank, CEO of Final. “We’re entirely focused on building a product and company that
can change the credit industry for the better. Tokenization and creating dynamic credit card numbers is powerful, but if we can differentiate ourselves
through our culture of consumer advocacy, we’ll survive even dramatic changes in payment technology.”

Jonathon Triest, Founder and Managing Partner of Ludlow, sees significant value in both Final’s team and concept, noting, “This is a space where things
typically move slowly. These guys can execute, quickly, and I’ve seen that first hand. Not only does Final understand how to navigate the systems from a
technology standpoint, they have shown an ability to navigate the business­ side of the payments ecosystem. That, in some respects, is even more impressive.”

Forward Progress and a Pilot Program
The company has announced it is currently finalizing issuing partnerships and plans to launch a limited pilot program in 2015.

Final firmly believes that building credit doesn’t necessitate going into painful debt, and have designed a credit card to align with its users, their
goals and how they buy. Users can limit their ability to spend based on varying personal budgets, and easily see how their credit is affected by their spending

Working everywhere purchases are made; online, and offline, Final implements with digital wallets like Google Wallet and Apple Pay with zero updates to the
payment infrastructure.

Chief Technology Officer of Final, Matthew Rothstein, weighed in on their progress saying, “We’ve seen significant traction with our beginning marketing
efforts. With over 35,000 pre­launch signups, it’s become clear that people want a better credit card solution. As we continue to test our product and
gather consumer input, we’ll learn exponentially more around long­term adoption, the more powerful control features and how to prioritize those. We’re
of the impression that slow­to­innovate industries can benefit greatly from an outside perspective ­ and that’s exactly what we bring.”

About Final
Final is issuing a credit card designed to give consumers total control over their merchant relationships, transparency in their spending, and peace of mind
across all payment experiences. Rather than a single, static 16­digit card number, Final generates multiple card numbers the consumer can restrict, and
manages them automatically. Final launched in 2014 and is headquartered in Mountain View, California. To learn more, reach out directly or visit