Creolus targets 60 mln euros for bioplastics fund

UK-based Creolus, which is focused on building the plastics industry of tomorrow, is seeking to raise 60 million euros for its first bioplastics fund. 5Capital Fund Placements is advising Creolus on the fundraising.


LONDON, May 23rd, 2018

Creolus Ltd is delighted to announce the launch of the Creolus fund, focused on bioplastics innovation. It will be world’s first fund with a specific focus on investing in materials and processes to repurpose, redesign and recycle fossil-fuel-derived plastics and across the entire bioplastics value-chain. The team aims to deploy Euro 60 million (£50m) in early and growth stage companies and select patents. Creolus seeks to identify exceptional products and teams which are well-placed to lead the development of plastic alternatives and recycling and recapture techniques. The fund has a broad range of tools available to accelerate such investments to commercial scale.

Creolus believes that the recent growth in public awareness, contributing to the rapid pace at which governments internationally have taken decisive, legislative action on plastics, mark this as an inflection point in the sector’s development. With an exciting and extensive pipeline in place, this is an ideal time to launch the Creolus fund. Creolus boasts access to a unique team of scientists, entrepreneurs, patent attorneys and investment professionals, with experience from organizations, such as, JustEat, Shell, 3i, CBPE Capital, Graphite Capital, McKinsey and others. Given the potential scale of opportunities, the team believes that traditional investors and those with an ethical or impact-oriented focus will find the opportunities in the market compelling.

Jeff Eneberi, Managing Partner, Creolus Ltd, commented; “Our planet is facing unprecedented challenges relating to the overuse of plastics. For more than half a century, people have been disposing of fossil-fuel-based plastics with little thought given to the environmental damage they may do. We are delighted to be constructing a platform through which we can support the growth of the next generation of companies and technologies to tackle this pressing issue.”

Creolus is being advised by 5Capital Fund Placements, the U.S. based VC and PE placement agent. Allan Majotra, Managing Partner at 5Capital added: “The global plastics sector is over $400 Billion in size and growing fast as a result of economic growth. Given the potential scale of the bioplastics industry, traditional investors and those with an ESG or impact focus should find the opportunities in the market compelling. The relevant experience and successful track record of the Creolus team makes them an ideal partner.”