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Crypto social network Minds Inc pulls in $6 mln Series A

Minds Inc, a crypto social network, has raised $6 million in Series A funding. The investor was Medici Ventures, a blockchain subsidiary of In addition to the funding, Patrick M. Byrne, founder and CEO of, will join Minds’ board of directors.


NEW YORK CITY, NY –October 22, 2018 — Minds, Inc. (, the leading crypto social network, today announced Series A investment from Medici Ventures, the wholly-owned blockchain subsidiary of, Inc. (NASDAQ:OSTK) advancing blockchain technologies to democratize capital, eliminate middlemen, and re-humanize commerce. founder and CEO Patrick M. Byrne, a vocal advocate for blockchain, user rights, and free speech, will be joining the Minds board of directors.

“There has been increasing excitement in recent years over the power of blockchain technology to liberate individuals and organizations,” said Patrick M. Byrne. “Minds’ work employing blockchain technology as a social media application is the next great innovation toward mainstream use of this world-changing technology.”

Minds recently launched the $MINDS crypto token on the Ethereum Mainnet, jumping to the #1 new DApp on the platform within hours of its release, as a way for users to boost their content, subscribe to media subscriptions and access exclusive content. Minds tokens can also be earned for engagement received on the platform.

Medici Ventures believes that by advancing blockchain technology the world may be brought closer together to connect and transact freely, eliminating the need for transactional middlemen and ushering in an era of trust through technology. Minds has adopted the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Manila Principles to serve as the platform’s Digital Bill of Rights, ensuring freedom of speech and expression for its million-plus members.

“It makes perfect sense for Patrick Byrne to join Minds’ board of directors,” said Bill Ottman, Founder and CEO of Minds. “He understands the critical nature of using blockchain technology to help real people as it pertains to the increasingly urgent issues of user rights, privacy and Internet freedom. He shares our strategic vision, and we welcome his voice on the board.”

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About Minds
Minds is an open-source social network that gives power back to the people. Users are rewarded daily with crypto tokens for their contributions to the network. Tokens can be exchanged for premium features, advertising views on content, or custom rewards from individual channels. Minds is built on a foundation of privacy, transparency and Internet freedom. For more information, visit

About Medici Ventures:
Launched in 2014, Medici Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of, Inc., created to leverage blockchain technology to solve real-world problems with transparent, efficient and secure solutions. Medici Ventures has a growing portfolio of groundbreaking blockchain-focused investments. The company’s majority-owned financial technology company, tZERO, executed the world’s first blockchain-based stock offering in December 2016.

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