Cyberpost raises $1.5 mln

Cyberpost said Friday it raised $1.5 million in seed funding. It did not disclose the private investors. Cyberpost, of Toronto, is a video and virtual mail system.


Toronto, Canada – March 25, 2016 – Cyberpost ( the world’s first video and virtual mail system, today announced that it has raised $1.5 million USD in seed funding from a group of private investors. The Ontario-based startup has created a cloud-based, revolutionary way for entertainment, sports, community, businesses and other organizations to inform and build relationships with their respective audiences. The venture capital funds will be used to accelerate Cyberpost’s growth, further develop the startup’s technology and implement new marketing strategies. These activities will position the company as the premier service allowing consumers to receive exclusive offers from preferred brands and other sources through a virtual mailbox linked to their street address.

“Cyberpost is not an email-based or email marketing system. Rather it connects brands and other information providers with consumers in ways that are unique, relevant and mutually beneficial,” said Cyberpost co-founder Ernie Loch. “Most online marketing campaigns are often not well targeted so we’ve created a model that combines the virtual convenience and multimedia capabilities of online marketing, with a much more targeted way to deliver timely offers directly to consumers based on physical addresses.”

With Cyberpost, every street address in the world is turned into a virtual mailbox. Geographical markets are therefore easily defined by location, size, etc. Markets are further and continuously defined as consumers make product and service selections. Merchants can precisely target markets by physical location and easily track product and service promotions and get real-time results such as:

  • Where and when virtual mail is delivered and received;
  • How many added virtual mail to their favorites and how many shared it;
  • Other valuable information about consumers’ choices.

Cyberpost allows merchants and retailers to reach existing and new markets at significantly lower costs than on any other channel.

Virtual mail recipients receive an opportunity to easily pre-select what they are looking for while easily controlling the content and the sources of virtual mail they receive. Since recipients are identified only by a nickname within a zip or postal code, they remain completely anonymous as they search, share, delete and/or block virtual mail, or save their favorite information and offers as well as read and write reviews.

A special invitation is extended to certain kinds of virtual mail sources, such as entertainment, book publishing, sports, community organizations, etc. For instance, music artists are invited to deliver virtual mail containing video links for their songs, CD’s and concert dates directly to any defined audience, locally and/or internationally, and to do so without any charge. Similarly, the movie industry is invited to deliver movie trailer video links in chosen release cities and countries, again without charge.

“The Cyberpost system is a one-of-a-kind virtual marketing experience that finally connects consumers directly with the brands and other information sources in a way that is efficient and easy to use,” said Loch. “Financial backing helps to expand our vision and efforts to deliver relevant consumer and brand content anytime and anywhere.”

Cyberpost is currently available in three languages (English, Spanish and French), and will soon be available in all languages available on the Internet, further extending the delivery and receipt of virtual mail in the recipient’s language of choice.

To sign up either as a recipient or as a merchant and learn more about Cyberpost, please visit

About Cyberpost

Cyberpost is a revolutionary way for the delivery of targeted information by business and other groups to consumers. It delivers new ways to track the results of any marketing campaign, unavailable anywhere else. It is easy to use and extremely cost efficient.

Cyberpost gives consumers a way to pre-select products and services for which they would like to receive offers and information, if any such material is sent out in their market area, or in any other geographical location they wish to select. It also gives consumers control over what they want to receive in the way of product and service information. For more information, please visit