Dashboard: VC-backed IPOs remain steady in August; M&A value drops

Fundraising (18%)

Continuing the trend witnessed in July, venture fundraising by U.S. firms increased 18% during the month of August from about $1.1 billion raised by 20 funds in July to more than $1.3 billion by 20 funds in August. U.S.-based venture funds have now raised $13 billion year-to-date in 2013 with the largest fund to reach a close being Greylock Partners’ 14th fund.

Deals (-18.29%)

The value of venture capital deals fell by more than 18% to $2.4 billion in August from the $2.9 billion recorded in July. Meanwhile, the average size of a deal in August 2013 was $5.4 million. From the start of the year through the end of August, U.S.-based venture firms have invested $25.5 billion in startups. The largest deal lately was by Google Ventures and TPG Capital Management in the on-demand car service provider Uber Technologies.

IPOs (-11%)

The IPO market for VC-backed companies remained steady in August, as the value slipped to $506 million from $568 million, an 11% drop. However, the number of known venture-backed IPOs increased from six to seven, with the largest in August coming from Intrexon Corp., which raised $160 million in its Aug. 8 debut. By the end of August, a total of 43 known venture-backed firms have launched an IPO creating in the United States, amassing a combined $3.9 billion in proceeds.

M&A (-13%)

Venture capital-backed companies completed 35 M&A deals in August, resulting in an aggregate rank value, including net debt, of $1.74 billion for deals with disclosed financial terms. In July, the total value of VC-backed M&A was just over $2 billion, resulting in a 13% drop in August. Between January and August, 268 venture-backed M&A deals have been recorded for more than $14.7 billion in rank value. The largest M&A in August was the acquisition of Amplimmune Immunology by MedImmune in a cash transaction for $500 million.

Compiled by Larry Oberfeld, based on Thomson Reuters data and original research.

Data is continuously updated and is therefore subject to change. Date based on U.S. venture firms.