DeepBrain AI racks up $44m Series B

DeepBrain AI, which specializes in real-time artificial intelligence, has raised $44 million in Series B funding.

DeepBrain AI, which specializes in real-time artificial intelligence, has raised $44 million in Series B funding. Korea Development Bank and VC IMM led the round.


SEOUL, South Korea—August 11, 2021 – Deepbrain AI, a company specializing in real-time artificial intelligence (AI), today announced the closing of a $44 million series B round led by prominent investors Korea Development Bank, Korea’s largest investment bank and VC IMM. The total company valuation is $180M.

DeepBrain AI was the first company to introduce a real-time video synthesis AI Human that integrates machine learning, video synthesis and chatbot solutions to enhance user engagement. The result is that the AI Human can respond to questions asked by users with a person’s voice.

Deepbrain’s solution is based on a real human model that was brought into a studio to be video recorded. The video is captured and saved for later reconstruction as a data set so it can be machine learned. The result of using a real human for modeling is that consumers have more confidence in an AI human model that leverages GAN Vocoder and records accurate lip and mouth synchronization.

For example, Deepbrain AI is working with large education and financial organizations to implement its AI Human solution where an AI Human will act as a tutor during a lecture and will answer student questions immediately when they are asked. Similarly, the financial organization will use the AI Human solution to create AI bankers that will assist real bankers with identifying and allocating customer needs directing them to the right bank personnel, saving time, reducing employee workloads and increasing efficiency and productivity.

“Deepbrain AI’s human AI technology is unlike other technologies in the market making it widely adaptable and expandable to various applications across industries and geographies,” said Leo Sahoe Kim, Head of Scale-up Investment Team, Korea Development Bank. “We know they will execute their growth plans in the U.S. and beyond and are very confident in the company’s future business success.”

The series B investors join existing investors IDG Capital China, China’s biggest venture capital firm, CH&Partners, Donghun Investment 2nd, L&S Venture Capital, and Posco Tech Investment bringing Deepbrain AI’s total funding to roughly $52M.

Deepbrain AI’s video synthesis solution is a text to video solution whereby the AI human is given a text script to read out the script as if an actual person is speaking, resulting in a video file for later use. Its proprietary video synthesis solution enhances the customer experience while reducing the large cost and time of video production in industries including media, finance, education and commerce.

Deepbrain AI’s AI Human solution is currently being used by KB Kookmin Bank and Kyowon Co., Ltd. and its video synthesis solution is used by various news organizations including MBN, Metro News and LG Hellovision.

“We’re excited to have the support of these leading investors who understand the opportunity we have to enhance the customer experience and lead the growing contactless industry brought on by the pandemic, said Eric Jang, CEO of Deepbrain AI. “This new investment is validation of our technology, strong business opportunity, and customer traction in key customer service-driven industries,” added Jang.

About Deepbrain AI
Deepbrain AI provides real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) and video synthesis solutions that utilize AI to quickly create realistic human-like AI avatars for use in customer service in industries including media, finance, commerce and education. Based on proprietary, patent-led technology, the company’s solutions drastically reduce the cost and time of video production while bringing an unmatched and realistic human touch to all content. Headquartered in Korea, with offices in the U.S., the company is backed by leading investors in Korea and China and is privately held.