Founderpath provides C$1.1m of debt to Dingus and Zazzy

Edmonton-based Dingus and Zazzy, a marketing company that businesses hire month-to-month to perform non-contracted work, has secured C$1.1 million in debt financing.

Edmonton-based Dingus and Zazzy, a marketing company that businesses hire month-to-month to perform non-contracted work, has secured C$1.1 million in debt financing. The investor was Founderpath, a US backer of bootstrapped software-as-a-service founders.


EDMONTON, AB, Feb. 2, 2022 /CNW/ – They do the work of an army of rapid-paced employees for the price of just one. They refer to themselves as “an unreasonable company doing unreasonable things.” They are “your new favourite marketing department,” and they have grown revenues 1700% since January 2021. They are Edmonton-based Dingus and Zazzy, and their unique productized service business model is at the centre of their success.

Capitalizing on their success, Dingus and Zazzy recently secured $1.1 million CAD from Founderpath. Founderpath is non-dilutive debt and takes no equity meaning Dingus and Zazzy will be free to continue growing without a board or outside investors.

“We were able to quickly approve Dingus and Zazzy for $1M+ CAD because their Founderpath Score was above 700. This score is top 25% percentile of all 4,304 SaaS founders using Founderpath. We’re focused on helping Bootstrapped SaaS founders get capital in under 48 hours so they can focus on growth. We’re pleased to be supporting Jonathan and his team,” says Founderpath CEO Nathan Latka.

Unlike traditional marketing agencies that lock clients into contracts and hourly rates, Dingus and Zazzy have a SaaS-style month-to-month subscription that clients are lining up for. When the pandemic fundamentally changed the way companies sourced talent, Dingus and Zazzy Founder Jonathan Sturgeon went about building a multidisciplinary agency that did everything – and did it well.

“There is a talent crunch,” says Sturgeon. “People hire us because it’s hard to find talented people and because no one person excels at everything. We took on the problem of finding the talent and packaging it in a way that simplifies things for our clients.

Our main goals are to free up our clients’ time and to do high-quality work for them. We consider ourselves the ‘maids and janitors’ of the marketing industry because we do whatever needs to be done, no matter what, for one simple price — even if it means we lose money once in a while.”

Dingus and Zazzy do everything a little bit differently, from culture to content. They take Zoom calls in costumes and sometimes do sales pitches with puppets.

“We encourage our people to have fun and to embrace an against-the-grain approach,” says Sturgeon. “Our company is named after my cats. We try not to take things too seriously, and, so far, we’ve had a blast.”

About Dingus and Zazzy
Dingus and Zazzy is an unlimited marketing department that businesses from all sectors hire on a month-to-month basis to perform high-quality work without any contracts. When you choose Dingus and Zazzy, the whole team does unlimited work – for less than the cost of one employee. To learn more about Dingus and Zazzy, visit

About Founderpath
Founderpath was launched in 2019 as a way for bootstrapped SaaS founders to get capital without selling equity. The company integrates with Stripe, Recurly, Chargebee, Chargify, Profitwell, Plaid, Quickbooks, and Xero to analyze the strength of a SaaS company. The stronger the company, the more capital founders can take. The team is remote, built by bootstrappers, and funded by bootstrappers. See how much capital you could get by visiting