Don Lucas Jr. –

VCJ Fact Sheet for Don Lucas Jr.

Born: December 14, 1963

Education: Bachelor’s from Santa Clara University (1984)

Career Path: Sand Hill Road Financial Co. (1985-1995); Managing general partner of RWI Group (1995-present)

Investments: KhiMetrics, DexCom

Other Affiliations: Advisor to Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation, Advisor to UCSF Diabetes Center

Greatest Professional Accomplishment: Building RWI Group

Greatest Professional Disappointment: Not investing slower over the past few years

Favorite Film: Chicago

Hobbies: Hiking, jogging, fly fishing (favorite lure is Royal Wulff)

Pet Peeve: Greed among VCs

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco 49ers

Did You Know? Lucas is a second-generation venture capitalist. His father, Donald L. Lucas, was a general and limited partner with Draper, Gaither & Anderson. He is now a special limited partner with RWI Group.