E.ventures targeting $100 mln for growth fund: VCJ

E.ventures, a venture firm with offices in six countries and four continents, is seeking to raise $100 million for a growth fund, according to a securities filing.

Firm representatives declined to comment on the fund filing, which lists two current partners, co-founders Mathias Schilling and Thomas Gieselmann, as directors.

The fund will be based in San Francisco, although e.ventures also has offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Beijing, according to its website.

E.ventures’ focus is on early-stage investments in Internet, media and mobile sectors. The firm seeks to be the first institutional investor in its portfolio companies, making investments spanning anywhere from $100,000 to $10 million.

The firm launched in California in 1998 as BV Capital and with a $75 million commitment from Bertelsmann AG, the sole LP at the time. Schilling previously declined to disclose the firm’s investors, but told VCJ that LPs include a mix of strategic and institutional LPs.

The firm has grown its worldwide operations over the years. It opened an office in Germany in 2001 and moved into Russia and Asia in 2009. In 2012, the firm, in a joint venture with Redpoint Ventures, launched a Brazilian operation called Redpoint e.ventures to focus on Internet, mobile and cloud investments in Brazil.

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