Editor’s Letter: Your Turn

I want to turn the tables this month. Rather than share my opinions with you, I’d like you to share yours with me. I’m especially interested in your feedback on our cover stories.

Loyal readers will recall that we tackled the topic of succession planning just about one year earlier. With so many folks going “part-time” these days, we felt it was a good time to revisit it (see cover, page 22). Did we touch on all the points that you wanted to see addressed?

How about last month’s cover on China? The buzz about our neighbor to the Far East keeps getting louder, especially at industry conferences. We’re thinking about revisiting the topic in the near future, most likely with a dispatch from one or more of the hotspots in China. Anything in particular you’d like to see us tackle?

What do you think of our new Top of Mind feature? We sat down with veteran VC Dixon Doll this month (see page 66). So far, we’ve focused on general partners, but we’ll also be chatting with limited partners, entrepreneurs and domain experts. If you have an interesting candidate, let me know.

I love feedback, so don’t be shy. Give me a call at (415) 732 6212 or shoot me an email. I’m at lawrence.aragon@thomsonreuters.com.

—Lawrence Aragon