Ellen Pao shares her side in new book excerpt

Two years after the legal battle between Ellen Pao and her former employer Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers played out publicly over allegations of gender discrimination and workplace retaliation, Pao is retelling her side.

On Monday, Pao published an excerpt from her upcoming book, “Reset,” online in the New York Magazine’s The Cut.

“Sometimes the whole world felt like a nerdy frat house,” Pao wrote in the essay, entitled, “This is how sexism works in Silicon Valley.”

Pao, now a partner at Kapor Capital, recounts the series of events that led up to her filing suit against her former firm and how Kleiner Perkins reviewed her performance negatively despite positive feedback from the CEOs with whom she worked closely. She also describes how she and her husband were portrayed publicly during the trial.

And she points to the “self-fulfilling prophecy” of investing chiefly in a particular demographic.

“When venture capitalists say — and they do say — ‘We think it’s young white men, ideally Ivy League dropouts, who are the safest bets,’ then invest only in young white men with Ivy League backgrounds, of course young white men with Ivy League backgrounds are the only ones who make money for them.”

She added: “They’re also the only ones who lose money for them.”

Pao’s memoir, “Reset: My fight for inclusion and lasting change,” goes on sale Sept. 19.

Photo of Ellen Pao from March 24, 2015 courtesy of Reuters/Robert Galbraith