Employee-centric platform Voilà! gathers nearly $3 mln

Québec-based Voilà!, an employee-centric platform that simplifies scheduling and workforce optimization, has raised nearly $3 million in funding. The investors include Investissement Québec, Panache Ventures and Telegraph Hill Capital. The capital infusion will be used for personnel hiring, growth and to add business intelligence components.


MONTREAL, Oct. 10, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ – Voilà!, the Canadian employee-centric platform that simplifies scheduling and workforce optimization, has announced an investment of nearly $3 million, which will allow the hiring of approximately 100 employees in Quebec City and Montreal, the addition of a major business intelligence components and an acceleration of its growth in North American markets. This financing includes investments from Investissement Québec, Panache Ventures, Telegraph Hill Capital as well as private investors.

A platform adapted to issues facing companies today
Since the platform’s creation in December 2018, more than 1,000 Canadian companies are already using Voilà! to manage staff schedules more effectively, improve communication with employees or maximize engagement with them. In a labour shortage context, workforce optimization is becoming essential for employers in all sectors.

“The labour market is going through major changes. As they now understand their value, employees are less attached to their jobs than before, while others prefer to work on contract or have multiple jobs. Voilà! helps managers simplify scheduling and optimize the workforce by putting the employee at the centre of the process. We believe that if workers build their own schedules, they will be more likely to honour them and keep changes to a minimum. And the numbers are proving us right,” said Martin Ouellet, founder of Voilà! and Taleo, a talent management platform that was acquired by Oracle in 2012 for $1.9 billion.

Data collected by the platform shows that Voilà! helps reduce absenteeism by 65% and turnover by 10%, in addition to reducing the time required to manage schedules by 80%.

Laying the groundwork for becoming the industry leader
Thanks to this funding, Voilà! will be able to deploy a strategy to penetrate the Canadian and American markets with greater speed while developing a complex business intelligence module. This will allow the product to stand out from traditional schedule management software already being used in target markets.

About Voilà!
Voilà! is an employee-centric platform that streamlines scheduling and workforce optimization. Launched in 2018 by the team behind the talent management software Taleo, acquired by Oracle for $1.9 billion in 2012, the platform is now used daily by thousands of employees across North America. Following a successful first round of funding of $3M in fall 2019, Voilà! targets the addition of approximately 100 employees in Montreal and Quebec City, the addition of a major business intelligence component to its platform and increased growth in North American markets.