Enterprise data fusion platform Gravwell picks up $3m seed

Gravwell, an enterprise data fusion platform, has secured $3 million in seed funding.

Gravwell, an enterprise data fusion platform, has secured $3 million in seed funding. The investors were Next Frontier Capital, Gula Tech Adventures, Kickstart Fund, and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest.


Coeur d’Alene, ID, October 6, 2021 – Gravwell today announced the closing of a $3M Seed funding round with Next Frontier Capital, Gula Tech Adventures, Kickstart Fund, and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest. Gravwell is an enterprise data fusion and analytics platform that empowers teams to ingest everything and investigate anything — all without limits.

The funding enables Gravwell to scale customer success and sales operations to meet growing demand from customers in the Fortune 1000 and U.S. critical infrastructure sector. This year, Gravwell doubled its customer success team to keep up with demand for its product that can do large-scale logging and real-time data analysis. With Gravwell’s platform, experienced security analysts and data-driven executives can share insights across the team, find and fuse data from any source in the enterprise, all without paying exorbitant data transit and storage costs. Gravwell provides complete observability and meaningful analytics that enable understanding, actionable insight, and right response to enhance security.

Gravwell platform users have access to unlimited data ingestion, unlimited data retention, light-speed data fusion, and analytics and the ability to search, find, and act on data truth in real time. Unlike with traditional SIEM, log management, ITSM, or monitoring products, users get a complete, timely, contextual view of the truth with the ability to enrich and explore, fueling better collaboration and better overall security operations. Gravwell customers get all of their data when they want it, with no limits.

“Gravwell is the next generation solution in data fusion for all of the right reasons. In an industry known for holding users back through prescriptive limits and cost prohibit pricing, usually due to underlying technical limitations, Corey and his team deliver tremendous value to customers by enabling them to collect and analyze the entirety of their data – without limits.” said Les Craig, Partner at Next Frontier Capital. “We couldn’t be more excited about Gravwell’s people, their product, and the prospect of this investment to disrupt an industry.” Gravwell’s governance board is expanding to include a powerhouse of individuals who have all built successful cybersecurity companies and know what it takes to make a difference. Les Craig of RedOwl, Ron Gula of Tenable, and John Matherly of Shodan will be joining up to guide Gravwell to their galactic destiny.

“We are incredibly proud of the value that we deliver for our customers. There are very few tools that actually scale past 40 terabytes per day, and no one is collecting all the data they want. On our platform, they will never have to make a decision about which data to use or lose, it is ALL their data.” said Gravwell CEO Corey Thuen. “We are thrilled that our investors at Next Frontier, Kickstart, and Rise of the Rest share our vision to unleash our customers’ data analysis capabilities in a marketplace that is, quite frankly, built to hold them back. With their support, we will continue to scale the impeccable customer support operations our customers know, trust, and deserve.”

About Gravwell
Gravwell is an enterprise data fusion platform that enables security teams to investigate, collaborate, and analyze data from any source, on demand, all with unlimited data collection and retention. Ingest everything. Investigate anything. Own your orbit at Gravwell.io.