Exablox Inks $22M for Storage Tech

Exablox has raised $22 million in venture capital from DCM, Norwest Venture Partners, and US Venture Partners. The company, formed in 2010, is developing technology and service to help companies to “manage, protect, and access” stored data. Exablox is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.


Exablox™, the company re-imagining storage, today announced $22 million in venture capital funding after completing oversubscribed Series A and Series B rounds. The funding will be used to drive product development, expand industry partnerships, and deliver on the company’s vision to enable organizations of all sizes to manage, protect, and access the information critical to their businesses. Leading venture capital firms DCM, Norwest Venture Partners (NVP), and US Venture Partners were the principal investors.

Since its founding in 2010, Exablox has been working with customers and partners to address their storage pain points. Exablox has found that runaway costs, complicated installation, cumbersome management, and lack of data security are the primary issues not being addressed by current storage solutions. Accordingly, Exablox is taking a clean sheet approach by developing an innovative cloud-managed scale-out storage solution for businesses’ valuable unstructured data.

Exablox has assembled a veteran storage team with a successful track record of building innovative storage solutions from companies such as Data Domain, Veritas, NetApp, Omneon, GreenPlum, Ocarina, and Bell Labs.

Supporting Quotes
“Unrelenting cost pressures due to the explosion of unstructured data, the need for providing differentiated services, and the availability of better functionalities and professional support for software-based storage will create a receptive environment for alternative storage approaches and architectures that provide operational, financial and networking advantages,” according to a recent Gartner report.* The authoring analysts, including Stanley Zaffos, continue by stating, “The current state of storage is dramatically different. Today, we have storage architectures that are heavily weighted toward smart SAN storage arrays and relatively ‘dumb’ server file systems that are not distributed. SANs share storage arrays and network components, but files and even volumes are not shared. Traditional NAS that does not use distributed file systems often encounter scalability issues.”

“Companies are frustrated by being forced into expensive storage products made unbearably complex by layers of bolt-on technologies, when they simply want a solution to address their business needs. The validation provided by our beta customers, partners, and investors confirms our vision for disruptive storage offerings.”
-Douglas Brockett, CEO, Exablox

“Exablox exemplifies the kind of company in which DCM looks to invest: at the forefront of an exciting market opportunity, engineering a unique solution, and customer momentum that underscores its approach. The Exablox team is contributing significantly to an underserved storage market and we are excited to support them on this journey.”
-Carl Amdahl, General Partner, DCM

“The NAS storage market is expected to grow to more than $12 billion by 2016 and our firm has evaluated several opportunities in this sector. Exablox stands out because it takes a differentiated approach for companies struggling to manage valuable unstructured data– an approach that has already shown early traction with customer and partner validation. The promise of the core technology combined with the team’s proven track record makes this a compelling investment opportunity.”
-Matthew Howard, General Partner, Norwest Venture Partners

“Exablox is building a unique combination of hardware and software capabilities that will prove essential for businesses to easily manage their data and protect their business. We believe Exablox’s scalable storage solution will quickly gain traction in the market, and we are delighted to join the Exablox team.”
-Chris Rust, Partner, US Venture Partners

*Gartner, Inc., “2012 Strategic Road Map for Unstructured Data Disk Storage,” Stanley Zaffos, Valdis Filks, and Arun Chandrasekaran, September 28, 2012.

About Exablox
Exablox is the company re-imagining storage to solve businesses’ runaway storage costs and data management nightmares. Founded in 2010, Exablox is headquartered in Mountain View and backed by leading Silicon Valley venture firms. Visit Exablox at http://www.exablox.com and join the conversation at http://www.twitter.com/exablox.