Finally, a Social Networking Site for D-List Celebrities, and Jose Canseco

Since opening a Twitter account, former baseball player Jose Canseco has been entertaining and offending his now 334,394 Twitter followers with what are often grotesque tweets. Indeed, yesterday, Huffington Post published a slideshow of some of Canseco’s more absurd messages, including, “I am on the toilet thinking about writing a third book,” and, “I am looking for a local tanning place and a 24 hour gym that I can endorse. In Northridge or Chatsworth. Please message me if interested.”

Possibly, those endorsement deals never materialized. At least, Canseco has most recently been using Twitter to drum up interest in Spiffbox, a new, social networking site where D-List celebrities get paid to show up and socialize.

More specifically, the still-in-beta service provides “points,” redeemable for cash, to members who are “responsive to communications.” For example, so-called celebrity members like Canseco, Dustin Diamond (Screetch from “Saved by the Bell”), and life coach Ron Kardashian are right now getting paid for responding promptly to emails, chats, and friend invites, as well as when they accept phone call requests with their fans. (How much depends on the member; they set their own prices.)

Spiffbox is spinning itself as ideal for “actors, models, athletes, musicians, journalists, politicians, and business leaders” with a fan base — and zero aversion to its “payment to respond” application.

Given that registrants must be 18 years and older (federal law prohibits anyone under age 18 from entering into a contract), Spiffbox may well see more of its members chatting up its “models,” like Playboy Playmate Tiffany Selby, than a Screetch or Canseco. In the meantime, Canseco is waiting by his computer, judging by his tweets last night:

come on bastards i am waiting what ur ***** to tite about 12 hours ago [via SpiffBox]

Will be on spiffbox in ten minues all u haters talking shit let’s go about 12 hours ago [via TweetCaster]   

On. Spiffbox u can chat with me it will also connect u with my skype account so I can motherfuck u on web came u got the guts pussy about 12 hours ago [via TweetCaster]

You bastards better hope I don’t get my own radio show cause I am gonna expose all u lyars out there. Hey by the way go on spiffbox

Spiffbox, based in Scottsdale, Az., was founded in late 2009 by Chris Munnelly, a Wharton MBA who was last a director at the enterprise communications systems company Avaya.