Flickr Co-founder Caterina Fake Passed on VC Job

Not everyone wants to be a VC. Include in that company Caterina Fake, co-founder of the popular photo sharing service FlickR, which Yahoo acquired in 2005.

Jon Holman, a San Francisco-based recruiter who has hired 35 general partners in his career, says he tried to reel her into the industry this summer, when she finally left Yahoo, and that she passed. “She wasn’t interested; she’s off doing something else,” says Holman. (Fake is now the chief product officer of a stealth-mode New York startup named Hunch.) “But I’m sure any of a dozen firms would’ve been thrilled to recruit her.”

The job offer may be a sign of things to come. “The percentage of women in VC is under 10 percent,” observes Holman. “With Web 2.0, however, where the proportion of women is higher than in, say semiconductors of network infrastructure, I think you’re going to soon see more women in the industry.”