Friday Letter: How I met Intudo Ventures

This week we posted the cover story for the November 2019 issue of Venture Capital Journal, and in case you missed it, it’s entitled “Go Southeast, young VC.”

The story is part of a larger package we ran on Southeast Asia, which is brimming with activity. Look for more stories and data appearing online at VCJ in the next few days.

If you read the story about Intudo Ventures and how the early-stage firm is working to bring talent and funding to Indonesia, you probably noticed how I emphasized serendipity and how it plays into the focus of Intudo. It forms a part of the Intudo name, and it’s written on the bracelet worn by Eddy Chan, a co-founding partner of the firm.

Serendipity is also how I met Eddy.

I had Southeast Asia on my mind already. I was trading messages with Monk’s Hill Ventures, a Southeast Asian investor with offices in Jakarta, Singapore and Vietnam. Monk’s Hill Ventures is in the midst of raising its second fund, and I wrote about them in August.

I was also talking to World Innovation Lab, a venture outfit that works with governments and corporations in Japan and Asia. And as it turns out, WiL is also an LP in Intudo Ventures.

Then one day in late June, my workday was done, and I was about to go into Whole Foods. And I had just come from getting a haircut and was wearing a T-shirt. It happened to be one I picked up from Bonny Simi, the former Olympian and former pilot who’s now president of JetBlue Tech Ventures. I normally donate those freebies, but I kept this one from Simi because I liked the dark blue color and it was my size.

I was walking across the parking lot and Chan was getting out of the car with his wife and son to also go into Whole Foods. He pointed to my shirt and asked if I was an entrepreneur. I said no, and we started talking about Simi and what she does at JetBlue Tech Ventures. And then Chan tells me he’s a VC and he raised a fund earlier this year.

We exchanged emails, and by the time I got home with my bag of groceries, he and I set up a meeting in Palo Alto so I could hear more about his firm.

Not every reporter’s story comes together like this.

But after I met Chan and dug into the activity in Southeast Asia, this story coalesced. And of course it made sense to me to write about serendipity.

L-R: Goldfisher and Chan. At Whole Foods in Fremont.

We don’t have to meet in a Whole Foods parking lot, but I would love to hear from you, dear readers, about what you’re working on or anything else venture-related. Your observations may fit well with a story I’m working on.

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I look forward to hearing from you.

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