Friday Letter: Mark Boslet hangs up his reporter’s notebook

Mark Boslet filed his final story for us this week.

For nine years, Boslet served as senior editor of Venture Capital Journal. And in that time, he wrote more than 100 cover stories, a few hundred fund performance reports and a countless number of survey stories, Q&As, fundraising announcements and deal briefs for VCJ and PE Hub.

But after 30-plus years as a journalist, including stints at the San Jose Mercury News, Dow Jones and The Industry Standard, Boslet is retiring and moving on from being a scribe to the next phase of his life. What exactly that will entail is uncertain at the moment, but chances are it will include some sailing, red wine, cheering for the Sharks in next year’s Stanley Cup playoffs and perhaps a fair bit of fiction writing.

If you’re near Redwood Shores, you may also see him jogging on the peninsula bank in the Bay Area. No doubt, we will soon see him change his current job status to something fun on LinkedIn.

Mark Boslet, filing a story at the Under the Radar conference, Nov. 12, 2010. Photo by Alastair Goldfisher.

His last assignment for VCJ is a thoughtful piece on the changing nature of venture capital. Boslet noted that firms have become more entrepreneur-centric in recent years and how that impacts the investors. He quotes one VC who laments that “There are no generalist investors anymore, because no generalist GP can have the conviction necessary for the full spectrum of today’s technologies.” Look for the story soon.

A decade has flown by with the Boz, and it has been a joy to work with him. In my 25 years as a reporter and an editor, I’ve worked with and edited lots of staffers and freelancers. Boslet stands apart from all the rest since his copy was routinely the easiest to edit and he was always thoughtful and considerate when I had questions or ideas. And if I didn’t understand the direction he was going in, he took his time to explain it. He was a professional.

Although VCJ loses a reporter, we’re gearing up for exciting changes in the coming months to our electronic and print offerings. On Aug. 1, we added Rebecca Szkutak, who’s based in New York; Marina Temkin joined the staff in January and she’s stationed here in San Francisco with me. Also, Lawrence Aragon has stepped up his writing again, and you should look for his profile on Sept. 1 of a British-based LP. Whether you’re a GP or an LP, I promise you’ll love it.

Truly, more exciting coverage is yet to come for you, dear reader.

In the meantime, tell me what interests you or what trends you see taking place in venture that we should cover. Happy to meet or chat on the phone. You can contact me via my email at