Friday Letter: Memorable columns from the year

Based on pageviews and the feedback we received, here are my top Friday Letter columns from 2020.

When I started penning these Friday Letters about a year-and-a-half ago, I imagined they would focus on a variety of topics, a sort of hodgepodge of venture-related items that were not complete enough to stand on their own as stories, but would fit nicely into a breezy weekly column.

In looking back at what I wrote this year, my expectations were way off.

The reason is because of the pandemic. After things escalated in March, I used this column to write several weeks in a row (nay, months) about the effect covid-19 and the recession had on LPs and GPs, and what were folks doing to get along and continue operating during the lockdowns and working from home.

In looking back at the past 12 months, some of those pandemic-related columns were my most read Friday Letters. Below is my curated list of top columns from the year, links included.

  1. Pandemic impact. What trends will stick around after covid-19?

Less than a month after the lockdowns started, I was hearing a lot from VCs who were already seeing how the pandemic and our new normal was impacting work and life. This one ranked as one of the top stories of the year, thanks to my exclusive talk with Bennett Cohen of energy investor Piva.

2. Virtual tips and tricks. Five things emerging managers should do now

Emerging managers are a hot topic here at Venture Capital Journal. In June, I wrote about a virtual conference from Signature Bank’s Venture Banking Group, which included insights and advice from a well-known group LPs and GPs. With emerging managers impacted the most during the pandemic, it was no surprise it was well read.

3. Zooming in on deals. WFH may become the future of work

By June, the number of anecdotes we heard about VCs investing remotely in companies they never met were increasing. In this column, I wrote what a few VCs were telling me, including Brian Hirsch, of Tribeca Venture Partners. He said if the world was put into shelter in place 20 years ago, when cell phones and video-conferencing and WiFi capabilities were not what they are today, then it would have taken a lot longer for businesses to recover.

4. Rules and regulations. Making sense of the SEC’s order on finders

A couple of columns I penned this year dealt with the mundane regulatory environment. Well, not that mundane, because these were also some of my most read Friday Letters, including this one, in which I broke down the issue of registered brokers.

5. President-elect Biden. What a Biden presidency means for VC

This one is less than a month old, but I imagine it’s not the last time I write about president Biden and VC. I’ve heard from two people in the past week who want to talk with me about the incoming administration and the National Venture Capital Association this week outlined its priorities for the president-elect.

A final note as we wind down 2020. Thank you so much for reading the Friday Letters and sending me emails in response. I met a few people doing these weekly columns and I look forward to meeting more in 2021.

In the meantime, let me know what you want to see more of in the new year. Drop me a line at and tell me what you think. I’d also be happy to set up a call on Zoom or the phone if you’d prefer.